Lonely Beach Map

Map and guide for visitors

Lonely Beach Map

Lonely beach is the main area on the island for young people to hang out, drink buckets of cocktails made with the cheapest alcohol available and party to instantly forgettable music with no soul.  It’s heaven and the essence of a nomadic travelling lifestyle.

Just you, the beach and your parents’ credit card details should there be an emergency.

But the area is moving upmarket and every year more of the old 200 Baht/night flophouses disappear and is replaced by concrete bungalows with air-conditioning.  As today’s backpacker needs good AC to keep their Apple Mac cool when they are working on their travel blog after a night out.

As you can see from the map there are only four places to stay actually on the beach. Most accommodation, bars and restaurants are in an area 5 – 10 minutes walk south.  This area is very built up and I’ve only squeezed in a few of the better and better known businesses.  There are  a multitude of small bars, shops and tattooists not shown on the map.  So fear not, there are plenty of spots to get drunk cheaply and get that one-of-a-kind tribal tattoo you’ve always wanted.

There’s no scale on the map as it’ll only  take you a few seconds to open Googlemaps and check how far it is to walk from Oasis to Ting Tong for a night out.

Detailed map of the beach and area

You’ll find a lot more detailed info on the Lonely beach area in the island guide section.

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