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Warapura Resort, Lonely Beach

Warapura Resort, Lonely beach review

Warapura Resort is located by the shoreline, just south of Lonely Beach and is one of the nicest mid-size, mid-price resort on the island.   The rooms are well designed, nothing ostentatious or over the top.   Just a simple, but stylish design with whitewashed exteriors and interiors.

It’s designed for older backpackers who still like to go out at night and mingle with the masses to eat cheap food and drink even cheaper cocktails in the myriad of small bars in the area.   But at the same time, want somewhere quiet to sleep that has air-conditioning, the BBC news and a fast wi-fi connection in their room.   Plus a lovely pool to laze by during the day .

Although it is by the sea, the shoreline is stony, you can’t really swim in the sea here.   The sandy area of ‘Lonely Beach’ is a 15 minute walk north along the shore.

Warapura is a very good choice if you like some nightlife but also want to chill out in an informal environment   with   some comfort and aren’t on a tight budget.  And if you are on the budget the nearby KLKL Hostel, from the same owners, is worth checking out.  Alternatively, the nearby Paradise Cottage is a cheaper seafront option with small pool and relaxed atmoshpere.

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