Category - Activities

How will you spend your holiday? Reviews and information of the activities, trips and tours which are available for visitors to Koh Chang.

You’ll find something for everyone – snorkelling and drive trips; cooking classes; elephant bathing; jungle treks; paddle boarding; ATV tours; island hopping; bicycle tours; sea kayaking ; Yoga; disc golf; yacht charter and day cruises; Muay Thai training and jungle trekking.

One thing you won’t find are noisy motorised watersports such as parasailing, banana boats and jetskis. They are banned here. :-)

On the Water

Sea Kayaking Trips and Tours

Padding Around Koh Chang and other Islands Although the scenery isn’t in the same awe inspiring league as the limestone karsts on Phang-Nga Bay in Krabi, there is some decent sea kayaking to more...

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On Land

Thai Cooking Classes

Even if you have no interest in cooking at home,  or that food preparation begins and ends at finding the Pizza Hut delivery number, think again.   Taking a class at a Thai cooking more...

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