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What are the Best Pools on Koh Chang?

I wrote the first version of this page back in 2015.  It’s now 2023, so an update is overdue. The number of swimming pools on Koh Chang has increased dramatically over the years due to the growing competition for guests across all types of resorts. Years ago it was only the larger resorts that had pools but nowadays many budget friendly bungalows also provide one for guests to cool off it after a hard day lazing in the sun. 

Obviously, not everyone has a pool as their priority when choosing a resort.  But a nice one can make all the difference when it comes to deciding where to stay. 

In addition, people look for different things.  Families will want a kid friendly pool, with waterslides and a spacious shallow end.  Couples might prefer something a bit more hidden away with fewer brats running around spoiling the peace and quiet.  And then you have the minority who actually want a pool to swim in, in which case it needs to be of a decent length.

I’m not really sure what the best pool on Koh Chang is.  I don’t think there is an outright winner, so use this pool guide as a light hearted look at some of the pools on offer. Having said that . . .

The best pool is . . .

Overall, if I have to pick one, I’d say KC Grande Resort wins.  Their lagoon pool is by the beach, has a swim up bar and facilities for kids but is also plenty large enough for people to swim in it.  ( Other resorts with similar, excellent beachfront pools include Sea View Resort, Kai Bae; Paradise Resort & Santhiya Tree Resort, Klong Prao beach and Kacha Resort on White Sand beach. ) 

And it the beachfront pool is too busy there are three other pools at the resort including a great rooftop pool which is usually deserted.

Beachfront pool KC Grande Resort

Their rooftop pool also wins the award for  ‘Most unsuitable pool for playing with a beachball in’ –  which isn’t necessarily a bad thing, as it keeps sensible families away.  Everyone likes an infinity edge pool, but some parents may feel that having a four storey drop on the other side of the infinity edge could be asking for trouble if inflatables (or small children) go over onto the road below.

Rooftop pool KC Grande Resort

Best pool with a view

When I first wrote this Cliff Beach Resort in Kai Bae was the winner for me.  It’s a bit of an uphill trek to get to, which is great at it deters the majority of guests from using it.  They will stick with a smaller pool with no view in the garden.  But make the effort and you get  a quiet spot to relax and enjoy the views out to the nearby islands.  

Runners up would be Chai Chet Resort pool which has a great view across the length of Klong Prao beach.  With an honorable mention to Chivapuri Resort on Klong Kloi beach, which when the weather is clear, has views to the islands south of Koh Chang.

Island view pool at Cliff Beach Resort

But wait . . .

A few years ago, down on the peninsula in Bangbao a boutique hotel called Bhuvarin Resort opened. And to my mind this pool certainly has the biggest “Wow” factor on the island. The main downside of staying here is that you can’t walk to a beach easily.  But if you’re happy to get around by scooter and want to wake up to a stunning view, then it’s definitely worth checking out.

Amazing views at Bhuvarin Resort pool 

Best pool to train for the Olympics in

Whilst the Emerald Cove does have a great pool for swimming laps, and is the best bet among the luxury resorts for serious swimmers, it’s still no competition for the always deserted 50 metre long pool at Koh Chang Resortel on Pearl beach.  This comes complete with marked lanes and 1970s style concrete starting blocks.

Olympic pool at Koh Chang Resortel

Another honorable mention for Santhiya Tree Resort in this category, as their pool which overlooks the river is around 50 metres in length but is rather narrow.  

Best pool for hyperactive kids

(Or the award for people wondering why you never see a queue for toilets at a waterpark) Koh Chang has two resorts which have their own private waterparks for guests. For younger kids, families should take a look at The Splash, at the south end of Klong Prao beach. 

The Splash waterpark

For older kids in need of bigger slides, Paradise Hill Resort’s waterpark is the ideal spot.  The waterpark is only for hotel guests and anyone staying at the beachfront Paradise Resort, directly opposite on Klong Prao beach. They can use it free of charge. 

Paradise Hill Waterpark Ko Chang

Best pool that I can’t take a good photo of

The Dewa has a unique pool tiled with dark ceramic titles with reflective flecks that make the water sparkle.  It’s a cool effect and like diving into a mirror.  The problem is when anyone tries to take a photo of it it just looks like a pool full of murky water. Which it definitely isn’t (in case their lawyers are reading this.)

The Dewa swimming pool

Brightest Pool

Don’t forget your sunglasses if your staying at Harley Moon Hideaway in Bailan.  This top rated small resort has a blood red pool.  Definitely one you’ll remember swimming in. 

Harley Moon Hideaway Pool

Best pool you haven’t seen

Koh Chang Na Tara Resort on the east coast.  If you happen to be passing stop for a coffee and take a look inside.  The owners of this small resort have made a very tasteful pool with artificial beach area.  It’s not well known due to the out of the way location.

The pool at Oasis in Lonely beach also qualifies as it’s tucked away on the hillside and provides, as the name suggests, a respite away from the nightlife.

Na Tara Resort Pool

Best pool built twenty five years ago and never modified since

It’s a tie between the oversize birdbaths at  BanPu Resort, White Sand beach and Koh Chang Resort, Klong Prao.  A hard fought battle to have the most disappointing pool for guests.  BanPu should just edge it, as at least Koh Chang Resort has a freeform pool rather than a dull rectangle.  

But I’ll give it to Koh Chang Resort on the grounds they have plinths poolside one with a large cock (feathered not phallic), another with a ubiquitous elephant and a third with an old Chinese guy smoking an opium pipe.  It takes a special type of architect to come up with that. Plus the pool is overlooked by what appears to be a shack made out of corrugated iron perched on the roof of the hotel block, which just adds to the unique ambiance. 

Koh Chang Resort Pool

Best unfinished pool which would be the weirdest on the island if it ever was finished

Several years ago the owners of Parama Resort, in the south east of the island began work on a new resort nearby.  This was to have a large, extremely deep pool which could also be used by people learning to dive.  It included the mock ruins of a long lost kingdom with Easter island vibes. And a child-unfriendly concrete water slide.

Parama Resort Unfinished Pool



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