Koh Chang Hostels and Budget Accommodation

Budget accommodation and hostels on Koh Chang

Budget accommodation used to mean staying in a very basic hut or roach ridden room the size of a cupboard.  But over the past couple of years there’s been a big rise in the number of more stylish hostels on Koh Chang.  So I thought it was time to list a few of the options that are available.

Whilst hostels fall into the budget accommodation category, they are usually a couple of steps up in terms of cleanliness and decor.  The downside is that the cheapest accommodation will usually be in shared dormitories, rather than having your own bungalow.  Conversely, shared accommodation and communal living areas make it much easier to meet and socialise with fellow travellers.

Travellers and tourists who opt to stay in a hostel aren’t necessarily those looking simple for a cheap room.  Modern hostels are often more secure and safety conscious than budget backpacker huts.  Plus they’ll often have air-conditioning, clean sheets without any dubious stains and hot showers.  Plus they provide a more all-inclusive, friendly vibe with plenty of social activities organised for their guests.

So these aren’t the cheapest rooms or huts available on the island.  You will be able to find a bed for 200 – 300 Baht / night if you look around the quieter areas of Bailan and Bangbao.  This is a guide to some of the better, newer hostels on the island.  However, I’ve also included some other cheap and cheerful options at the end if you do want to stay in a simple wooden shack.  

Top 5 Koh Chang Hostels

These aren’t in any particular order.  Although you should definitely consider staying at Pajamas hostel.

Pajamas Hostel, Klong Prao beach

Pajamas Hostel, Klong Prao beach budget accommodation

Pajamas has been open a couple of years and is run by a young Thai couple who gained experience managing a well known hostel in Bangkok before opening their own on Koh Chang.  This boutique hostel is located 100 metres from Klong Prao beach.  Accommodation is in stylish, modern mixed and ladies dormitories plus private poolside rooms .  The dorms can sleep a maximum of 8 people on 4 sets of bunk beds.  There are separate, super clean, shared male and female bathrooms. 

The owners pride themselves on providing as secure, spotless, fun, social environment for their guests to relax and meet.

Dormitory beds from 500 Baht / night.  

Habitat Hostel, Klong Prao beach

Habitat Hostel, Klong Prao - budget accommodation

Habitat Hostel opened at the north end of Klong Prao beach in mid 2016 and quickly proved to be very popular with young travellers who preferred to avoid the nosier Lonely beach area but still wanted value for money budget accommodation.  As with Pajamas accommodation is in bunks in either mixed or female only dorms.  

The rooms were previously very drab and dull apartment rooms which were rented monthly.  However, the backpacker friendly makeover has certainly improved them. The tropical jungle themed rooms are now bright and airy.  

There’s a communal lounge plus a large garden area at the rear of the property where guests can hang out at night.   The building has CCTV and access is by keycard only, so it’s more secure than a budget beach hut.  The beach itself is under 5 minutes walk away and there are shops, minimarts and cheap streetfood all close by. 

Dormitory beds from around 350 Baht / night.  

BB Hostel, Lonely beach

BB hostel Lonely beach budget accommodation

BB Hostel has the same owners as BB Divers, the oldest and probably best rated dive centre on the island. If you want a cheap place to stay in Lonely beach where you can hang out with divers then this is it.  There’s even a small pool.  Other facilities include a pool table, mini-football table, board games and free wifi.  There’s a gym adjacent where guests receive discounted rates.

It’s more basic and with a funkier atmosphere than the newer hostels.  And is cheap and cheerful.  Not a place to stay for a quiet night in, it’s more suited to people who want to party a bit at night.  Accommodation is in four mixed dorms, each with four beds plus six private rooms.  

Fan dorm beds from under 200 Baht / night

KLKL Hostel, Lonely beach

KLKL hostel, Lonely beach budget accommodation

I’m not sure how the owners would describe KLKL Hostel but ‘prison camp chic’ sums it up.  With it’s high chicken wire fence, it’s definitely a safe place to stay and the two floor bungalows remind me of those seen in old WW2 movies set in POW camps.  Except that they’re blue and not khaki.  Plus there’s a spacious garden area, pool and free wi-fi everywhere.  Luxuries that POWs didn’t enjoy.  

Accommodation is in fan rooms with private bathrooms.  So on the face of it, it is better value than an aircon dorm at Pajamas.  However, whilst it ticks all the boxes as far as originality and facilities go, you won’t get the same standard of service, cleanliness or comfort as you would at Pajamas or Habitat hostel.  Plus it’s also in a relatively noisy location so better for partying travellers rather than anyone just looking to chill out peacefully. 

The name is pronounced ‘Cool Cool’ and not ‘KL KL’ ( the abbreviation for Kuala Lumpur twice ) or ‘Cl . .Cl. . ‘  like a stuttering clucking chicken

Fan rooms from 600 Baht / night

My Hostel, Lonely beach

My hostel, lonely beach budget accommodation

My Hostel is the newest hostel, as of early 2017, on the island.  Brand new and built from the ground up.  It’s a Lonely beach take on a hipster, minimalist hostel with bare concrete, distressed wooden furniture and boxy architecture.  There are some very nice touches in the design of the restaurant and pool area. 

The bungalow style rooms are pretty nice with sombre decor.  Grey walls, grey bedsheets and grey furniture.  Not sure how many shades of grey but definitely a lot. Whereas the dorm rooms are a riot of colour and floral patterns inside. Perhaps reflecting the type of people who choose the different type of rooms.  

But regardless of whether you can splash out 1,200 Baht or so on your own room or opt to share with up to 7 new friends, As with the other Lonely beach hostels, don’t expect to get to sleep early.

Mixed dorm bed from 350 Baht / night

Check prices on for budget accommodation on Koh Chang

Other budget accommodation on Koh Chang

If you’re old skool and prefer a bit of suffering in a rickety fan hut to mingling with hipster twatpackers in a communal kitchen, then there are plenty of alternatives.  Here are just a few of the options that you’ll find:

Independent Bo’s, White Sand beach.  One of the most photographed places to stay on the island with 400 Baht / night fan rooms hugging the hillside.   No children allowed and there’s a minimum of stay of 3 nights. Only 100 metres walk from some of the most expensive beachfront villas on the island at KC Grande Resort.  But way, way cheaper.  There are a couple of similar standard places nearby – Pen’s, Star Beach and maylamean all with similar prices and ramshackle hillside accommodation.

Tiger Hut, Klong Prao beach.  All of a sudden it’s the mid 1980’s.  There’s no wifi, no cocktails in buckets, no fireshows, no parties, very good Thai food and the staff will probably be asleep somewhere whenever you need them.  But the basic fan huts are on a great stretch of beach which is infinitely quieter than Lonely beach.  A good spot to get a way from it all. 

KP Huts, Klong Prao beach.  Adjacent to Tiger Ht and a step up in quality.  Especially if you can get one of the beachfront huts that are built high up on stilts so always get  a cooling sea breeze.  But these are quite expensive for a fan hut.  You’re looking at around 1,000 Baht  / night in High Season, but it’s cheaper for the dingier huts at ground level.  Again not a place for anyone who likes to party.  No advance bookings, walk in only. 

Siam Cottage, Kai Bae beach.  Two rows of newly renovated and rebuilt bungalows fronting onto Kai Bae beach.  The cheapest beachfront option in the area.  Handy location within easy walking distance of shops ad restaurants.  Good value at around 500 – 800 Baht / night for Fan or Aircon bungalow

Klong Kloi Cottage, Bangbao.  Another good option for people who want to be beachfront but dont; need all the frills of a luxury hotel.  Around 600 Baht / night will get you an ensuite fan hut just a stone’s throw from the sea.  Pleanty of places to eat and drink nearby and great views towards the islands south of Koh Chang.  

Hippy Hut, Bangbao.  Probably the cheapest place to stay on the island, yet located next to the most expensive condominiums.   You don’t get much for 200 Baht / night.  But there will be a roof, four walls, a mattress and a lightbulb. Plus reggae music.  Lots of reggae music.

Hippy Hut has been going over 13 years and is well known for being a friendly, chilled place to stay for anyone on a seriously tight budget.  They also run a roadside restaurant nearby with great views over Bangbao bay.  If you don’t have an intimate knowledge of Bob Marley when you arrive, you will when you leave. 

Treehouse bungalows, Long beach.  For people really wanting to get away from it all.  If staying in a tent is too comfortable for you, then you’ll like it here.  These extremely rudimentary huts way down in the south east of the island on Long beach might be for you.  Expect to have ‘interesting’ neighbours who enjoy herbal cigarette or two.  

Electricity is from a generator for a few hours a night.  No shops or restaurants nearby.  So whilst the huts are only 200 to 300 Baht / night.  You’ll be spending far ore each day eating and drinking in their restaurant.   You’ll need a scooter to get here or take the daily songtaew ( pick up truck taxi ) from Lonely beach.  The plus side is the long, quiet, undeveloped beach that you’ll have to yourself. 

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