Koh Chang Taxi ( Songtaew ) Fares

Koh Chang Taxis

A Koh Chang taxi is easy to spot, they are the white, shared pick up trucks which provide the only type of public transport on Koh Chang.  As soon as you get off the ferry the drivers will herd you onto them, usually packing 12 – 14 passengers into the back and piling luggage onto the roof.

Inside every pick-up truck taxi ( a.k.a. ‘song-taew’  in Thai ) is a price list for fares.  However this is only applicable for trips from the ferry pier to the west coast beaches and to Bangbao.  Just because it costs 150 Baht to get from the ferry pier to Bangbao, doesn’t mean it will be cheaper to get from, say Klong Prao – half way down the West coast to Bangbao.  The reason for this is simple, it’s a welcome gift from the friendly drivers to visitors there are 12 – 14 of you squashed in like veal calves in the rear of the pick up.

Ideally the drivers would love nothing more than to spend their day only picking people up from the pier, however they have to take turns to do this and so with around 90 licensed song-taews on the streets each driver doesn’t get to the pier as often as they would like.  Therefore, fares for trips along the west coast are higher than they should be given the distances involved.  This is also to avoid the drivers’ children starving to death, possibly.

The prices below are on this PDF that you can print out.  It is in Thai as well as English.

It is a copy of the one that drivers have and was given to me by one of the tame drivers that we use to take our guests around.  He charges us the same price for coming off the main road and down to our place to pick customers up.  They should always take you for this price, even if they might try to charge you more, but getting them to go lower than it won’t be easy unless you have a large group and even then don’t expect a big discount as drivers aren’t supposed to undercut each other.

White Sand BeachChai Chet50
White Sand BeachKlong Prao50
White Sand BeachKai Bae50
White Sand BeachLonely Beach100
White Sand BeachBailan100
White Sand BeachBangbao150
Chai ChetKlong Prao50
Chai ChetKai Bae50
Chai ChetLonely Beach100
Chai ChetBailan100
Chai ChetBangbao150
Klong PraoKai Bae50
Klong PraoLonely Beach100
Klong PraoBailan100
Klong PraoBangbao150
Kai BaeLonely Beach50
Kai BaeBailan70
Kai BaeBangbao100
Lonely BeachBailan50
Lonely BeachBangbao70

*  These prices are for hopping on a song-taew that is moving and has other passengers on it.

** For  ‘private hire’ i.e. you stop an empty song-taew and ask him to take you somewhere, prices should be the same but there will always be a two person minimum.  Or if you are alone, you pay double.

***  Yes, I know some destinations aren’t on there – eg Pearl beach & Klong Kloi beach.  For pearl beach expect to pay the price for Chai Chet or White Sand – whichever is greater.  For Klong Kloi, same as Bangbao but add on ( usually ) 30 – 50 Baht / person depends on the driver & your negotiating skills.

**** No, they don’t go down the east coast and to convince one to talk you to Salakphet will be quite expensive i.e.  1,000 to 1,500 Baht or so.

***** FYI, as the song-taews don’t run down the east coast of the island the price for private, all day hire, to go round the island  is  3,000 Baht – negotiable.


  • Hi Ian,

    If we were to stay at Cliff Cottages, how far would it be to travel to the northern end of the island for food. We plan to rent scooters for our transport and was thinking of staying at Cliff Cottages and visiting other restaurants around the island for our stay. Or would you advise to stay at a centralized location? Thanks for your service.

  • In the day time it’s OK. But it’s around 45 minutes from Cliff Cottage to White Sand beach and that wouldn’t be fun to do at night on the section from Kai Bae down to Bangbao where the road is like a rollercoaster – only with more drunk drivers. If you want to be able to easily get to other beaches at night, then staying somewhere more central is a better option. Far easier and cheaper too if you are using the pick up truck taxis to get around at night.

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