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Nature Beach Resort

Nature Beach Resort, Lonely beach, Koh Chang

Nature Beach Resort occupies a prime beachfront location on Lonely beach.  It’s a great location to chill out, sunbathe and watch the sunset.  Over the years it has changed from a backpacker hangout to a family friendly ‘flashpacker’ resort.

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All bungalows at Nature Beach Resort are ensuite and fully air-conditioned.  The cheapest rooms, the ‘Budget’ rooms are located at the rear of the property.  Next are the far more modern ‘Garden View’ rooms.  And closest to the pool and beach are the ‘Front’ bungalows. Rooms all have brushed concrete floors and light wood decor, they aren’t dark and dingy 

Whilst the Front bungalows are very nice they don’t open onto the beach, just the parking area or pool.  So, I’d go for the ‘Garden View’ which benefit from being quieter and having less people walking past and save you a few hundred Baht.  

Front Double room interior - Nature beach Resort

The beachfront pool and restaurant ‘Nature Rocks’ are the focal point of the resort.  The restaurant draws people in from many other resorts as it;s the best place to eat on the beach.  There’s always a lively atmosphere.  Choose to sit in one of the tales on tiered decks or laze on a beanbag on the sand.  The food is also surprisingly good and value for money.

If you want to party then the busy bar area of Lonely Beach is around 5 – 10 minutes walk to the south, off the beach.  

Nature Beach Resort is one of the best, and most popular, mid-size beach resorts on Koh Chang.  A good, value for money choice for anyone looking for a comfy bungalow by the sea.  But who also likes somewhere a bit lively.  It’s not a place for those who want to spend their holiday chilling out in silence.  

Front Double rooms at Nature Beach Resort

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