Transfers to Koh Chang by Car and Minibus

Getting to Koh Chang. Private and shared transfers by car , taxi and minibus from Bangkok, Pattaya and elsewhere

If the bus is too slow or crowded . . . and flying is too expensive . . then the ideal compromise is a private transfer by car or minibus. We’ve been arranging this for visitors to Koh Chang since 2004.

Private and Shared Transfers to Koh Chang

Taking a private transfer by car or minivan to Koh Chang from Bangkok is increasingly popular. The main ‘Getting to Koh Chang‘ page, which you have probably already seen, details the ways in which you can get to the island.   This page shows you prices for Bangkok to Koh Chang transfers and others by either a private car or minibus or shared minibus. 

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Koh Chang Transfer Prices

Below you’ll find details of the transfers that we can arrange.  If your departure point / destination isn’t mentioned , let me know and if it’s possible to do a transfer then I’ll let you know.  We do some transfers to Ayuttaya, Kanachanaburi, Hua Hin, Korat etc but they aren’t as common which is why I haven’t listed prices for these below.

All our transfers are ‘door to door’ i.e. you are met at your hotel, the airport etc   and   dropped off at your destination, you won’t be left at a ferry pier or at a bus station.

The driver will stop for lunch / toilet break / snacks etc on the way if you want him to.   You   decide when you want to stop. (Drinks & meals aren’t included in the transfer price.)

You pay the driver  when you arrive safely at your destination.

** ALL prices listed below include:  Tax, driver, gasoline and, where applicable, expressway tolls and ferry tickets.   There are NO HIDDEN EXTRAS

** FASTER FERRY.  All drivers use the quicker,  ‘Ferry Koh Chang’  boat service to Koh Chang. Not the slow ‘Centrepoint’  ferry which also has less frequent departures. 

** NO DEPOSIT OR ADVANCE PAYMENT is required for any of the transfers – other than those to/from Cambodia.

** CAR SEATS  for toddlers can be provided.   Maximum 2 seats per vehicle.  There is an additional charge of 200 Baht / seat.

** CHEAPER than flying. One ticket from Bangkok – Trat on Bangkok Airways is now around 3,000 Baht or more one-way.   Plus taxi fare from a hotel in Bangkok to Suvarnabhumi Airport. Plus 500 Baht per person minibus ticket from Trat to your hotel on Koh Chang.

** ROUND TRIP DISCOUNT for all Bangkok – Koh Chang – Bangkok transfers.  The price for the return trip back to Bangkok will be discounted by 500 Baht.

Private Transfer Prices

The prices are per vehicle NOT per person. Prices are fixed, so everyone pays the same.

To or From Koh ChangBy Car/Van* (Max 2 People) Price THB By Van (3-4   People) Price THB By Van (5-6   People) Price THB By Van (7-8 People) Price THB
Hotel in Bangkok or Suvarnabhumi Airport – Koh Chang 4,600 5,100 5,400 5,600
Don Meuang Airport,Bangkok – Koh Chang 4,800 5,400 5,700 5,900
Hotel in Bangkok or Suvarnabhumi Airport – Laem Sok (Pier for Koh Kood boats) 4,400 4,900 5,200 5,400
Trat Airport – Hotel on White Sand or Pearl Beach, Koh Chang 1,900 2,400 2,600 2,800
Trat Airport – Hotel on Klong Prao or Kai Bae Beach, Koh Chang 2,000 2,500 2,700 2,900
Trat Airport – Hotel on Lonely Beach, Bailan, Bangbao, Koh Chang 2,100 2,600 2,900 3,100
Trat Airport – Laem Sok (Pier for Koh Kood boats) 1,500 1,800 2,000 2,200
Hotel on Koh Chang – Hotel in Pattaya 3,900 4,200 4,400 4,600
Hotel on Koh Chang – Utapao Airport3,9004,2004,4004,600
Hotel on Koh Chang – Ban Phe Pier (For Koh Samet) 3,700 4,100 4,300 4,400
Hotel on Koh Chang – Border at Hat Lek   (For Phnom Penh / S’ville) 3,400 3,600 3,800 4,000
Hotel on Koh Chang – Aranyaprathet Border (For Siem Reap) 3,600 4,100 4,300 4,500
Hotel on Koh Chang – Pailin Border ( For Battambang ) 3,400 3,600 3,800 4,000

* Note that cars are usually used for transfers for two passengers.  But on busy occasions a van might be substituted. If you specifically want a car, please let me know when you book.  

For transfers to Koh Chang from Bangkok Airport, the driver will meet you at the signposted ‘Meeting Point’ next to  ‘Entrance 3’ on the Arrivals Level of the Airport. Just follow the signs to it from the Baggage Claim area.   In case of problems finding the driver you will be given a contact number you can call for help.

Budget airlines use Don Meuang Airport ( the old airport ) and not Suvarnabhumi.  If you have connecting flights, plan on it taking, at the minimum, an hour or so to get between the two airports in a taxi.  There are now two terminals at Don Meuang.  Terminal 1 is for International flights.  Terminal 2 for Domestic flights.  There are signposted meeting points in both terminals.

For transfers from Cambodia border crossings, you will be advised where the driver will wait for you when you make the booking.

To or From BangkokBy   Car/Van (Max 2 People) Price THB By Van (3-6   People) Price THB By Van (7-8   People) Price THB
Suvarnabhumi Airport – Hotel in Bangkok 1,600 1,900 2,200
Suvarnabhumi  Airport or Bangkok Hotel – Hotel in Pattaya 3,300 3,600 3,900
Suvarnabhumi Airport  or Bangkok Hotel – Ban Phe Pier 3,800 4,100 4,400

International transfers between your hotel in Siem Reap, Phnom Penh or Sihanoukville and your resort on Koh Chang are also available.   If you leave your hotel early morning, after breakfast, you will arrive at your destination in the evening.

These transfers use a Cambodian partner agency as tour vehicles from one country can’t enter the other, so a change of vehicles at the border is required.

* Please book at least 7 days in advance *

To or From CambodiaBy Car / Van (1-2 People) Price THB By Van   (Max 7 People) Price THB
Hotel on Koh Chang – Hotel in Siem Reap8,000 9,500
Hotel on Koh Chang – Hotel in Phnom Penh9,500 11,500
Hotel on Koh Chang – Hotel in Sihanoukville9,500 11,500

Shared Transfer Ticket Prices

I can also arrange tickets for selected shared minibus services.

Tickets for seats on a shared minibus service are available is between Trat Airport and hotels on Koh Chang, for people flying BKK – Trat on Bangkok Airways. ( ) The official price, that you will see advertised at Bangkok Airport & Trat Airport is 500 Baht one way, or 900 Baht return to hotels on the west coast beaches on Koh Chang. The prices below are cheaper but use the exact same service.

Tickets will be pre-booked for you and you pay at the transfer counter at Trat Airport. Simple.

If you are staying in the south-east of Koh Chang, you’ll need to take a private transfer from Trat Airport.  The airport minibuses don’t go to that part of the island.

 From Trat Airport One Way Price THB Round Trip Price THB
Trat Airport – Hotels on White Sand, Pearl Beach, Klong Prao & Kai Bae beach 400 750
Trat Airport – Sea View Resort & Hotels on Lonely Beach, Bailan, Bangbao, Koh Chang 470 850

Children are full price if they require a seat.   Babies and Toddlers travel free if they sit on their parent’s lap.

Some reviews of the private transfer service

Shared minibus Bangkok to Koh Chang 

We also offer tickets for a shared minibus service which will pick you up from your hotel in central Bangkok and drop you off at a hotel on Koh Chang.

For these transfers, tickets will be pre-booked for you and you pay direct to the driver when he picks you up.  The minibus used will be a new model Toyota Commuter with seatbelts and air-conditioning.

Pick ups are possible from hotels in the main central tourist areas of downtown Bangkok i.e Silom, Sathorn, Khao San Rd, Pratunam, Sukhumvit Soi 1-29 and Soi 2 – 24.  But not from outlying areas.

Adults and children are charged the same price, which includes ferry ticket.   Babies are free if they sit on their parent’s lap.

 From a Hotel in Bangkok – Koh Chang One Way Price THB
To a Hotel on White Sand, Klong Prao or Kai Bae beach, Koh Chang 900
To a Hotel on Lonely Beach or Bailan, Koh Chang1,200  ( 1,000 per person for 2 or more )
To a Hotel in Bangbao, Koh Chang1,400 ( 1,100 per person for 2 or more )

Pick up time for the shared minibus to Koh Chang is around 0800 – 0900, depending on where you are staying in Bangkok. You will arrive on Koh Chang mid-afternoon. You will be advised of the pick up time when your booking is confirmed.   Tickets will be booked for you and payment is direct to the driver.

Prices are the same for a transfer from a hotel on Koh Chang to a hotel in Bangkok or Bangkok Airport.   There are two services from Koh Chang during High Season , these pick up from hotels on the island around 0900 and 1300.  In Low Season there is a morning service only.

Suvarnabhumi Airport to Koh Chang

It is now possible to book tickets online for the shared minibuses from Suvarnabhumi ( BKK ) to Koh Chang.   It used to be the case that tickets could only be bought at the airport in person.  

Use the form below to check prices and book.  I can’t book them for you.

You’ll see that prices are slightly higher than if you buy at the airport, this is to cover the admin costs of arranging the tickets and payment.

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Shared minibus Pattaya to Koh Chang

This minibus picks up from hotels in Naklua, Pattaya and Jomtien beach. ( And if you’re coming from Koh Chang to Pattaya it will also drop off in those areas. )

For these transfers, tickets will be pre-booked for you and you pay direct to the driver when he picks you up.  The minibus used will be a new model Toyota Commuter with seatbelts and air-conditioning.

From Pattaya the pick up time is around 07:00 – 08:00 depending on where you are staying.  You’ll get to Koh Chang around lunchtime. Coming from Koh Chang the pick up time is 08:30 – 09:00.

Adults and children are charged the same price, which includes ferry ticket.   Babies are free if they sit on their parent’s lap.

 From a Hotel in Pattaya – Koh ChangOne Way Price THB
To a Hotel on White Sand or Pearl Beach, Koh Chang 750
To a Hotel on Klong Prao or Kai Bae Beach, Koh Chang 750
To a Hotel on Lonely Beach or Bailan, Koh Chang950  ( 900 per person for 2 or more )
To a Hotel in Bangbao, Koh Chang1,200 ( 1,000 per person for 2 or more )

 How to Book Your Transfer

To make a transfer inquiry, simply use the form below and I will usually get back to you within a few hours.   If you haven’t heard from me within 24 hours, there may have been a problem with the email form or my reply to you went in your spam or junk folder.  I will reply to confirm price and availability.  Then if you want to book it, you just let me know.

** I know some people have problems using this form, usually due to using older browsers.  If it isn’t working, please email me direct with the details of your transfer. **

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More information . . .

Why take a private transfer?

For anyone flying into Suvarnabhumi Airport, Bangkok, or who’s staying a couple of nights in Bangkok first, and wanting to head direct to Koh Chang,   the options are limited.  

If you want to get here as quickly as possible, you fly.  

If you want to go as cheaply as possible, you take the bus or minibus.  

It is also possible to take a public taxi from Bangkok to Koh Chang.  But whilst cheap, it can be a hassle if your driver gets lost enroute – which does happen more often that you might expect.

Coming from Phnom Penh or Siem Reap to Koh Chang there are even fewer possibilities – especially if you want to avoid all the scams that you will have read about in your guidebook or on travel discussion boards.   You either fly to Bangkok and then head back to Koh Chang either by plane or bus (very inconvenient and can be expensive if you’re travelling with your family.)  

Or buy a ticket for a shared minibus – this will be cheap, and the reason it’s cheap is because this overland route is notorious for rip-offs & scams along the way, although to be fair most of these occur when you are going into Cambodia rather than coming out of the country.   It will also take quite a long time – figure on 12 hours all in.

So if you’re either simply looking for a convenient compromise on both cost, comfort and time there is a reliable alternative in the form of a private transfer.

Who provides the private transfer service?

In the past I limited myself to using the services of one very reliable Koh Chang based tour agency. However, since October 2011 I have been offering services run by a group of drivers based on Koh Chang who have proved to be both reliable and careful drivers.  All drivers and vehicles are properly licensed in accordance with Thai regulations.

I am not using public taxis or the absolute cheapest service I can find as  I know I will be the one getting the blame for promoting services offered by teenager drivers in rusty vehicles.   So you will find prices a couple of hundred Baht cheaper elsewhere.  

I prefer to deal with drivers who I know are honest, reliable and will ensure that any arrangements that are confirmed will stay confirmed and won’t change at a later date.

How long does it take?

For most of the High Season the travelling time from a hotel in Bangkok, or the airport, to a hotel on Koh Chang will be around 6 and a half to 7 hours.  

This includes time to stop on the way for coffee, snack etc.  There are of course unknown factors such as an accident causing a gridlock in an area of Bangkok or roadworks enroute – which are quite rare. 

Koh Chang is a pretty big island so if you are on the south coast it will take an hour to get to the ferry pier, whereas if you are on White Sand beach it’ll only take 10 minutes or so.  

Likewise, if you are staying around Khao San Road in Bangkok, compared to somewhere like Sathorn Rd, then it will take 30 mins or so longer to get onto the overhead expressway and out of the city centre.

Also need to bear in mind that Koh Chang is getting increasingly popular, but the number of ferry services isn’t increasing.  Therefore at Thai holidays and weekends there can often be very long queues at the piers and there is nothing the driver can do about that.

So, if you are heading from Koh Chang to Suvarnabhumi or Don Mueang, I might give you a pick up time that’s earlier than you want.  This is just in case there are delays at the piers.  It’s better to have to wait an extra hour at the airport than miss your flight.

The vehicles

The minivans used will be  newer model Toyota Commuter minivans, similar to the one above.

For transfers by car, in the majority of cases the vehicles will be either  be Toyota Camry ( shown above ), Wish, Innova, Altis or Honda HRV – these are suitable for 2 adults plus luggage.   For couples with loads of luggage, families or   ‘large’ or ‘tall’   people the minivan is the best option as there’s far more space.

Payment for the Transfer

You pay the driver in cash when you arrive at your destination.  ( Apart from transfers to Cambodia, where you pay the Thai driver at the border. )  The driver can stop at a bank or currency exchange when you are on the island.  You’ll get a much better rate than at the airport.

Payment can be made in advance by Paypal if you wish.