Klong Son Map

Visitor map of the Klong Son area of Koh Chang

Visitor map of the Klong Son area

Very few people stay in the Klong Son area although the valley is popular with people looking for a peaceful spot for a home. There is a beach, but it is privately owned by a luxury housing developer. There are also a handful of hotels.   Best of the bunch is the small, Little Sunshine Resort, which is located beachfront within Siam Royal View housing development. Or if a larger resort is more your thing, then the Aiyapura Resort is a longstanding favourite for people looking for a quiet spot but only 10 minutes drive from White Sand beach.

It’s an area that most people pass through without stopping as the roadside attractions are basically two 7-elevens, two cement works and a new gas station.  Which, to be honest, aren’t that exciting. However, if you take the inland road or head down to the small fishing community by the bay, then you’ll get a glimpse of non-touristy life on Koh Chang. This map gives you the basics.

Map of the Klong Son area of Koh Chang

For detailed information on sleepy Klong Son see the Klong Son Guide. If you’d prefer to just look at some pretty pictures then check out the Photo Gallery.