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Aana Resort & Spa Koh Chang

Aana Resort and Spa

Aana Resort is located just off Klong Prao beach on the Klong Plu river estuary.  It’s hidden away, out of sight of the main road and with no loud bars, tailor shops, tour agents etc nearby.

Whilst the resort itself is very nice, with villas tucked away on a lush hilltop and wooden trails leading through the resort, the one main point to bear in mind is that you can’t walk to the beach if you stay here.

During the day guests can take a free boat service 300 metres to Aana’s private beach at the mouth of the estuary or can paddle themselves  by  canoe.  But at night, the boat service doesn’t run and so unless you want to take a pick up truck taxi. 

There isn’t any nightlife in the vicinity.  But there are two riverside seafood restaurants, both very good and mainly catering to Thai visitors. Plus a couple of expat run small restuarrants and bars whc hare good for a beer and inexpensive homemade Thai and western food. 

The main hotel block is located well away from the restaurant so it is a bit of a trek to breakfast but the rooms are all well appointed and the resort also features two pools, a large one by the river in front of the Superior rooms and a smaller hilltop pool.

Cheaper than beachfront hotels on the same standard.  And as a bonus you’ll see our guesthouse directly opposite you when you are having breakfast at Aana’s ‘Cinnamon’ restaurant :-)

High Season room rates from around 2,800 Baht.  During low season you will often find some good bargains which include breakfast. 

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By Irina, Kazakstan

I just stayed here a week ago. I wanted to spend a quiet time for myself after grueling days during my business trip to Bangkok. It wasn’t my first trip in Thailand but it was my first stay at Aana Resort. The place sounded cozy and serene the first time I heard it. It wasn’t really a great hotel but it was, overall, a good experience.

Since I had no time to book for myself, my business associate did it for me. The only available room at that time was the resort’s deluxe rooms. So, I took it. Next time I’d visit this hotel, I’d definitely choose and book for villa as it offers better room service, even though it’s a bit expensive.

I liked the idea of it being far away from shops. Its location is somehow in a middle of nowhere, which was good considering what my purpose of staying here, i.e. to relax and unwind from a few stressful days with some of my clients. But I had to call a local taxi to get me to the village. Still the location was fascinating as it’s integrated with nature.

When I arrived, I was greeted by their friendly staff. They made me feel at home. I couldn’t thank them enough for their efforts for making my stay a wonderful experience. They were all professional and attentive to my needs. Almost every request I made was met.

The place was beautiful but not really mind blowing. It was elegant but it wasn’t something that you’d like to boast of. There are several areas where the management needs to look into. I just thought that the hotel needs re-decoration because it had outdated décor. The receiving area didn’t have a place where you can store your luggage when you check out earlier than your flight.

The room was fine. I had wonderful views of the pool but not too much with the river. Although it had Wi-Fi connection, it was a bit slow at times. My room had a spacious bathtub, it was clean but not squeaky clean. The white color had turned into brownish. But I had no problem with its hot and cold shower. I rarely used the hot shower since the weather is quite hot. One small negative point was the sink drain smelled odd. I wasn’t sure but I think it was caused by mildew.

The bed was big enough for me. I think it could accommodate four people. Unfortunately, they didn’t offer free water bottles. I had a free morning beverage though.

When I went out to try the Hill top pool, I was amazed by its wonderful views. It has a bar next to the pool. But no one was there to get our order. There was only a phone that you can use to call someone if you need assistance. The pool looks like it requires thorough cleaning. I also noticed some broken tiles. It was pretty disappointing.

But the setting offers a relaxing state. I could see mountains from one side. Then, on another side, the beach and the river. They provide free kayak service, which was fun and interesting. If you haven’t tried kayaking yet, then this would be your chance. I kayaked from the hotel to the beach, which was pretty interesting and cool.

While I was in their beach, I had a chance to try their comfortable beds. The overall area was very private. So, if you were a rockstar or a movie star in Hollywood, you would find the place to be serene and exclusive. It was just a perfect location for a peaceful vacation.

I’m a fitness buff to help me further unwind. But the resort didn’t have one. However, they have spacious areas where I can jog around to de-stress and do some yoga.
The hotel offered free transportation to its private beach. Since the beach is private, it’s only accessible through its water taxi.

The majority of the food they offer is Thai, mostly noodle soup. I asked for Geng Khewa Wan Gai. Sadly, they don’t serve it. Perhaps, their chef isn’t really Thai. But they do offer Western cuisine. In the morning, they had a plentiful breakfast buffet which is guaranteed to fill you up for the morning.

The hotel’s restaurant was good but I just hope they’d cut the 8-page long menu to one or two pages. The prices for their foods were expensive. Then again, they serve fresh seafood, so the prices were all worth it.

Within the duration of my stay here, it was worth every penny I spent. I recommend Aana Resort as good value for money.

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