Top Five Family Rooms on Koh Chang

The best family resorts on Koh Chang

Mum, Dad and three kids.  That’s not an unusual sized family.  Yet there are very few resorts that provide family rooms that cater for families of five on Koh Chang.  

Once your kids are the age that they require their own bed, parents are often stuck with the choice of paying for an extra room or leaving the kids behind.  And, although the second option is preferable for many couples, it can lead to accusations from teenagers that you hate them, have screwed their life up and will be held entirely responsible if they fail their exams.

So, looks like you’ve got to bring them along too.

Finding accommodation for a couple is easy. Finding a room for three is simple too as virtually all resorts allow an extra bed in the room. If you need two extra beds, your choice narrows a lot.  But for three extra beds or a four person room plus another bed . . . you’ll be driving yourself crazy searching multiple sites and reading the smallprint relating to extra bed policies in order to find a room which can sleep everyone without breaking the bank.

But here are some ideas for five very different mid-range resorts where it is possible to get a room for all the family for a reasonable price.

Use the prices as a guide. I picked a random date in November 2016 to get the room rate including taxes.  In most cases you will pay more over the Peak Season i.e. from mid-December – mid January.  Likewise resorts may change their prices and from May to october you can expect these prices to be lower.  So use them as a guide.

To get up to date prices for the dates you require – just click the big button below each listing.

Family Rooms on Koh Chang

Serenity Resort, Dan Kao beach

Book a two bedroom family bungalow at Serenity Resort, Koh Chang

You can’t get any closer to the beach than this spacious Family bungalow at Serenity Resort which is basically two adjacent rooms, each with a Double bed and a sofa bed, under the same roof.  Both rooms open out onto a verandah that runs the length of the bungalows.  The beach is literally a couple of footsteps away from your front door.

Serenity Resort is a new boutique resort with seven stylish bungalows and , as of mid 2016, a handful 100Sqm two-bedroom villas.  The villas are set back from the beach behind the swimming pool and have 100Sqm of living space.  This includes a kitchenette and a spacious rooftop terrace for sunbathing and alfresco dining. They’re ideal for two couples or a larger family who prefer to rent a villa but also want the facilities of a boutique resort.

It’s a quiet location, away from the main tourist beaches but a great spot to unwind in peace and quiet.  For some that’s a downside, for others it’s a great reason to stay.  Highly recommended if you want to spend quality time with your family in peaceful surroundings.

Price: 5,000 Baht / night

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Garden Resort, Kai Bae

Garden Resort Kai Bae

Garden Resort is another popular, mid-price family orientated resort.  It’s located just off the main road in Kai Bae village.  All the shops and restaurants you need are within a few minutes walk.  There’s also a nice little pool.  A quick look at the reviews will tell you that this is a well run resort and a good choice for families.  

Family accommodation is in spacious bungalows, which are two adjoining rooms under the same roof.  One bedroom with a  Double bed, the other with Twin beds.  An extra bed is 750 Baht / night. No real downsides other than a lack of space for kids to run around as it’s a relatively small resort.  True, it isn’t right on the beach, but Kai Bae beach is under 200 metres away,  and , as a bonus, you’ll probably also see the baby elephants from the nearby elephant camp walking past on their way to play in the sea most days.

Price: 4,500 Baht + 750 = 5,250 Baht / night

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Penny’s Bungalows, Pearl beach

Penny's Bungalows Koh Chang

Penny’s is located by the sea in Pearl beach.  It’s a popular spot for families and those on a budget.  Whilst there is a nice pool, there isn’t a sandy beach.  On the plus side there is  some pretty good snorkelling off the stony ‘beach’.   If you want to get to a  better beach, then both White Sand beach and Klong Prao beach are only 5 minutes away by either scooter or pick up truck taxi.  

The Family rooms comprise a Double bed plus Bunk beds, and an extra single bed can be added for 600 Baht / night.  As there are bunk beds this is probably more suited to a family with younger kids than teenagers.  It’s not the type of resort that will ‘Wow’ you, but OK as an option for a family on a $100 per night budget who’s happy to travel to get to a sandy beach.

Price: 2,300 Baht + 600 Baht = 2,900 Baht/ night

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BanPu Resort, White Sand beach

Banpu Resort Koh Chang

An older, mid-size resort with accommodation in bungalows and hotel rooms.  Located on the beachfront on White Sand beach.  This is probably the best deal for a family if you want to be right on the beach and also have plenty of shops, bars and restaurants on your doorstep.  There’s no need to hire a scooter or walk long distances.

The two Family rooms at BanPu Resort are 65sqm in size ( although listed as 40sqm on ) and can easily sleep a large family.   The Family rooms have four beds and an extra bed can be added for an additional 800 Baht / night.  The downsides would the the small pool and busy location – which might not be to everyone’s taste.  And the rooms are showing their age.  But you can’t argue that it isn’t value for money.

Price: 6,500 + 800 = 7,300 Baht / night

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Paradise Resort, Klong Prao beach

Paradise Resort Koh Chang

Not much more expensive than BanPu Resort but a definite step up in terms of quality.  

Paradise Resort a nicer, more spacious and much larger resort with large beachfront pool and around 200 metres of beachfront at the north end of Klong Prao beach.  The Deluxe bungalows will be pretty cramped though with five people in them.  So not ideal if you prefer to have some floor space available for moving around the room without clambering over beds but at around 200 Euros / night including breakfast, the price is good considering the facilities and location.  

Shops, supermarket, bank and restaurants in the plaza around 5 minutes walk away at the far north end of the beach.  So if you plan on being outdoors and just need a good, child friendly pool and long stretch of beachfront then this would be ideal.

Price: 7,500 Baht / night

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