Lonely Beach Videos

Lonely Beach Videos

Lonely Beach Videos

Just a couple of short videos I took today on Lonely Beach.  These are only short – 30 seconds each as I just wanted to show the views to give you an idea of what to expect if you booked a hotel on Lonely Beach.  A couple of thing’s you’ll notice immediately . . .1) It’s Lonely 2) It’s a beautiful sunny day

It’s supposedly the rainy season on Koh Chang at the moment, but so far the weather in June has been great.  Some rain but also plenty of sunshine.  And this time of year the beaches are at their best.  The tides are low, so more sand is exposed and there are very few people around to enjoy them.

If you visit Lonely Beach during High Season, it won’t look like this.  The beach will be narrower and there will be hundreds of people on it.

The first video is from the north end of the beach outside Siam Beach Resort.   This isn’t the best resort but is quiet, has a great beach ( as you can see ) and offers value for money accommodation to families and those looking for a good 3* standard beach resort on Koh Chang.

For the second video I moved a few hundred metres south to Siam Hut.  This isn’t somewhere you would want to stay unless you just want to party on a limited budget.  It is one resort which time hasn’t changed.  Aside form the addition of a small pool, the bungalows are pretty much the same as they were a decade ago.  The only things that have changed during that time are the lightbulbs.

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