Koh Man Nai – 360 Degrees View Video

Video of Koh Man Nai, Kai Bae beach, Koh Chang

Video of Koh Man Nai, Kai Bae beach, Koh Chang

Last week I added some photos about how it was possible to walk to an island called Koh Man Nai from Kai Bae beach, Koh Chang.  But only at very low tide.  I forgot that I also took a quick video showing the 360 degree view standing somewhere between Koh Chang and Koh Man Nai.  Not a great video as I was using my phone.  But enough for you to appreciate the views.

You’ll see quite a few people sitting in the shallow water, however, they aren’t dressed for the beach.  These are Cambodians who come to get the shellfish.  When you walk out to the island you can hear the tapping of hammers on rocks as they dislodge the shellfish.  There seemed to be a few different varieties of shellfish, some similar to scallops and others more like small mussels.

It’s only possible to walk to the island on certain days during the Low Season ( May – August ) when you have the ideal combination of good weather and a very low tide during the daytime.

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