ThaiFun Sightseeing and Snorkeling Day Cruise

Thaifun boat trip, Koh Chang

Thaifun Day Trip to Islands South of Koh Chang

This is a sightseeing and snorkelling trip that includes a couple of stops for snorkelling and also a couple of stops at other islands.  I total you’ll pass 15 islands during the day trip.  This is in addition to seeing the west coat of Koh Chang from the sea.  Unlike other boat trips, Thaifun picks passengers up on the beach from outside their resort.  There’s no long pick up truck taxi ride down to Bangbao to endure.

Thaifun has friendly, fun English speaking which will also keep you entertained during the day.  Passengers have comfy individual seats with cushions, and deckchairs are also available.  There’s none of the hard wooden bench seating found on the cheaper snorkeling trips boats.  Passengers can opt to sit in the shade on one of two decks or on the rooftop sundeck.  Western toilets and fresh water showers are also available onboard. Needless to say, snorkelling and safety equipment are provided for all passengers. 

The pick up time from the beach outside your resort will be around 08:00 – 09:00.  You’ll return around 17:30 – 18:30 .

The trip only runs during the high season.  From early November until early May. 

The price for the Thaifun day cruise is 1,490 Baht.  Children under 10 years old are half price. 

This doesn’t include the entrance fee for the Koh Chang Marine National Park which is 200 Baht for Adults and 100 Baht for kids.  This fee is payable, in cash, to National Park rangers during the day trip.

Tickets can be bought at any tour agent on the island.

Lunch, snacks, fresh fruit, tea, coffee and drinking water are included in the price.  But bring some cash, not only for the park fees, but also in case you want a beer or coke during the day. 

Thaifun day cruise, Koh Chang

What to Expect on the Thaifun Day Cruise

The Thaifun boat moors at the north of the island.  Early morning it will set off, hugging the coastline.  The 24 metre vessel has a tender.  This is used to pick passengers up from the beach outside their resort. 

(If you are staying away from the beach Thaifun will provide free transport by minibus from your hotel to the nearest beachfront pick up location).

If you are staying on White Sand beach, you will be one of the first to be picked up and last to be dropped off.  The plus side is that you can grab the best seats. 

If you want views of Koh Chang in the morning and a sunset view in the evening, then get seats on the starboard (right hand) side of the boat.  The only downside is that these will also be the sunniest / hottest seats.  Sit on the port (left) side to get the most shade during the day. 

As people are picked up, those already aboard can enjoy free tea or coffee and snacks.  Having picked passengers up, the first island that you’ll pass is Koh Klum.  It lies a few kilometres south of Koh Chang.  This is a large island with just one place to stay –  Koom Nangphaya Resort.  By now passengers will be able to see Koh Wai, Koh Mak and the snorkelling and dive spots around Koh Rang. 

If the sky is clear, the hills on Koh Kood should also be visible behind Koh Mak.  The boat will then head towards Koh Wai where it makes the first stop of the day.  

There’s a coral reef just off the beach on Koh Wai, so this is a great spot for kids to practice snorkeling in shallow water.  Good quality face-masks, snorkels and life jackets are provided for all passengers.   You don’t have to get off the boat.  Some passengers will choose to sunbathe on the roof top sun deck.  Others will disembark but take a walk on the beach or play on the sand. 

After around 45 minutes, it’s time to leave for Koh Mak.  Lunch is served during this section of the trip.  Lunch is a buffet style, with a good selection of mostly Thai and Italian dishes and an abundance of fresh fruit.  Dishes are prepared onboard and any specific dietary requirements can be taken into account.  The spiciness of the Thai food is toned down to a ‘tourist friendly’ strength.  So is suitable for kids as well as adults. 

Are you also planning on staying on Koh Klum, Koh Wai or Koh Mak?  

If so, you can split your day trip on Thaifun over two separate days.  At no additional cost.  Take the Thaifun from Koh Chang and get off at Koh Klum, Koh Wai or Koh Mak.  Stay a couple of nights (or more) on your island and then rejoin the Thaifun when it comes time to leave.  You can then enjoy the rest of your Thaifun day trip. 

Doing this saves you the price of additional boat tickets from Koh Chang to the outlying islands.  For example, Koh Chang to Koh Mak by speedboat is 600 Baht per person one way.  

Having passed the black volcanic rocks and white sand beach on Koh Kham, the Thaifun will moor in the bay at the north of Koh Mak.  There isn’t much snorkeling here but you can swim or take the tender ashore and enjoy a walk on the 2 kilometre long beach. 

After an hour on Koh Mak, the Thaifun will depart for Koh Rang.  This is a large island, to the west of Koh Mak which is surrounded by islets. 

This is where the best snorkelling and scuba diving sites are located. You’ll usually see an tropical fish and large undersea fields of soft and hard corals. 

When the ship arrives at Koh Rang, National Park rangers will board and collect the 200 Baht  / 100 Baht marine park fee for adults and kids. 

Having spent an hour or so exploring the underwater world, it’s time to board the boat again and head north back to Koh Chang.  By now passengers are probably a bit peckish. There’s one more stop on the way, at the peninsula near Bangbao.  There’s a troop of wild monkeys that live there.  They descend down to the rocks to greet passing boats.  Waiting hopefully for some fruit to be thrown their way.   If you’re in luck you can get some great photos of dozens of macaques scurrying around the rocky shoreline.

Having seen the monkeys, the Thaifun will then begin dropping passengers off as it heads home and the sun goes down. 

This video shows you what you can expect from the day trip


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  • Wonderful Tour today and you see a lot of the islands, three break for snorkeling, (i had a lot of fishes there), the food with lunch and cookies is absolutely ok, for the drinking it is good to take an own bottle for water with you. Thanks to Knock and the whole Team for a very pleasant and interesting day. For the people from White Sand Beach a long day about 10 hours…but everything worth!

  • I think you should contact Thai Fun if you are disappointed with the quantity and quality of fish swimming around.

    Although I’m not sure if they can arrange fish to be in specific locations at specific times. They aren’t easy to train.

  • We, 3 persons did a snorkeling trip from Koh Chang and did not watch one colored fish. The second stop was advised as very well.
    Very, very bad for this money.
    Before I put my statement in all pages like TripAdvisor etc. I ask for a refund of the payment.
    In this case I will sent you my bank account.

  • We did this trip, me ,wife and 2 kids,last year and i can recommend it .The staff were great really friendly and great with the kids,playing games,magic tricks,especially the girl with the dodgy eye.The food was good had rice dishes as well if i remember.Went to some great snorklelling spots and it didnt feel rushed,time for swimming and diving off the top off the boat.Koh maak looked amazing though we didnt go ashore,looks good to stay there.
    I think the tickets were 1000b ,not cheap but you get a full day.Worth it. NEIL HYNES.

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