ATV Tours – Quadbikes on Koh Chang

ATV Tours in the jungle on Koh Chang island, Thailand

See the jungle by ATV on Koh Chang

There are now three places on Koh Chang where you can rent and ride ATVs.  However, these are on guided touris along marked trails.  You can;t rent an ATV to drive around the roads on the island.  This is for a number of reasons, the main one being it’s illegal to ride an ATV on  a public road in Thailand.  So if you did and you crashed it, you’d be paying the bills and your travel insurance wouldn’t cover you at all.

All ATV tours include mandatory training and practice, plus full protective gear.  Two trips are usually on offer – around 45 minutes and also 90 minutes.

The original ATV tour business on the island is located on the Chai-chet peninsula.  This is a good location as there are a few trails around the peninsula and up onto the hill overlooking the north end of Klong Prao beach.  The narrow dirt trails, hill climbs and scenic views make it an ideal place to learn to ride an ATV.

The main downside is that the ATVs are older and tend to break down. In the past I’ve known people go and not be able to ride as half the vehicles were out of action.  These aren’t ‘brand name’ ATVs but cheaper Chinese versions.

Another option is ATV Winner, located at the back of Baan Chang Thai elephant camp in Klong Prao.  This Russian run business takes you on guided tours into the valley behind the camp.  It’s easy to reach but off the main road and so you won’t get mown down by a pick up truck driver during your off-roading.  Prices include a stop to swim the the river.

Recommended ATV Tour

But the best option for anyone wanting to ride an ATV on Koh Chang is Monster Adventure, also located in Klong Prao, just north of the village. his area is home to Koh Chang .

This is run by ‘Nara’, an experienced English speaking Thai guide and ATV enthusiast.  He uses imported American and Japanese ATVs which range from 350 – 700cc.   Before you can be let loose on the trail you’ll be shown how to drive one and given ample practice in steering and controlling the ATV in the practice area.  Whilst the usual route is quite sedate, tours can be tailored for experienced ATV riders who are looking for some adventure.

The longer, 90 minute tour also includes swimming in the river -often with some of the elephants form a nearby camp.

Monster Adventure runs 60 minute and 90 minute tours.  Book direct or at any tour agent on the island.  prices include transport between your resort and the ATV centre.

Each ATV seats two people. On the shorter tour, the driver pays 2,800 Baht and passenger 1,500 Baht.  On the longer tour, the driver is 2,800 Baht and passenger is 1,500 Baht.

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