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Kayaking in Salakphet Bay

Get up close with the locals by kayak

Get up close with the locals by kayak

Salakphet Bay seen from the water – a recommended day out.   If you drive down to Salakphet village, go past the temple and through the village, you’ll head over a small concrete bridge and a couple of hundred metres further on, on the right you will see the new Salakphet ‘Chang Spirit Club’.

Here you can also book trekking and birdwatching tours. The treks cost 1000 baht/person and are 2 day & 1 night and involve camping on top of a hill in order to see the sunrise of Salakphet bay. Renting a canoe is 100 baht/person/hour. But ask for a discount if you plan on using it for an afternoon.

You’ll need your own transport to get here, but can easily spend half a day paddling around. You’ll get to see a real slice of local life,some great views and be able to stop for a swim on a lovely white sand beach on a small island in the bay.

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  • Last year we did the same thing! But we went out as far as Koh Laoya. This is a fun paddle with awesome views. There were a few guys working at the island in the bay with the nice beach and looked a bit surprised to see us. So we also explored the old resort. Definitely recommended.

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