Welu Wetlands ( on the mainland )

Explore The Magrove Forest

Explore The Mangrove Forest

This is a rarely visited, protected mangrove forest that covers a huge area on the nearby mainland. Part of it is easily accessible by road and there’s even a wooden walkway, around 1km in length, that snakes through the mangroves and provides visitors with a close up look at trees and nature and stuff.

Get there by heading from the mainland ferry pier, back to Sukhumvit Road (Highway 3). Head back towards Bangkok, go past the police/army checkpoint, over the large bridge over the river and look for the well signposted turning on your left about 500 metres further on. Follow this road, you’ll come to a barrier across the road manned by a security guard who’s presumably there to stop people stealing the trees.   Go past him and you’ll see dense mangroves in front of you lining the road.

The walkway does a loop around – with one entrance/exit about 500 metres along the paved road from the other end.   You know you’ve made it to the end of the road when you cant go any further and can walk out onto a concrete pier which leads out into the estuary.

Adjacent to the start of the pier is the start of the walkway. There’s a signboard here which has the potential to contain useful information. At present it doesn’t.

First thing you notice is that different species of plants have signs showing their names. If I could pronounce ‘Rhizophoraceae’ I’d be able to tell people we have some at our house.

Follow the walkway and you’ll find more blank information boards which I catalogued for posterity after I got bored of taking photos of trees.

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