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Paradise Bungalows

Paradise Bungalows, Kai Bae , Koh Chang

Paradise Bungalows Kai Bae, is another of the roadside resorts in Kai Bae village.  It is located near the south end of the village and is built on a slope.  This gives the bungalows at the rear some good views over the village. Noise isn’t really an issue as although there are shops on the road nearby, there aren’t any loud bars in the vicinity.  The beach is under 5 minutes walk away.

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There are a range of Fan and AC bungalows but given the difference in price is only a couple of hundred Baht / night, it’s worth going for the AC bungalows, for around 1,200 Baht / night in High Season, which also have the best views.

Cottage interior - Paradise Bungalows, Kai Bae beach

You should note that breakfast isn’t provided.  But that’s not really an issue as it’s possible to find small restaurants serving breakfast close by.  And, to be honest, anyone who’s had a ‘free’ breakfast of soggy toast, a sad sausage and limp egg at a budget hotel before probably wishes they hadn’t bothered.  Book a cheap room with no breakfast and then try different places when you are here.

A good choice if you’re on a tight budget.  There are better or more modern places nearby but they’ll cost you a lot more. If you can look after yourself and just want an AC room in a convenient location then it’s well worth considering.

Paradise Bungalows, Koh Chang

Pleasant 😀 - Cleanliness 😞 - Small stuffy room. No ventilation, no mosquito net on windows.
Very good 😀 - Lovely room with gorgeous view. Close to nice beach and elephant camp. Quiet, clean and comfortable. Helpful staff and good value for money. 😞 - A bit hot in the room, as the windows won´t open wide.
a good place to stay 😀 - pretty ok place to stay at reasonable rates 😞 - could use a bit more maintenance
Good 😀 - No wardrobe in bungalow
Very good 😀 - Very nice staff and great location 😞 - Not their fault, but on booking.com, I was paying the same price as an air-conditioned at the resort, but for a fan, and it was too hot.
Clean confortable place 😀 - Clean place, confortable. You get extra toilet paper and water every day and can ask for cleaning any day. Free coffee and tea at réception. Nice garden. 5 minutes to the Beach. 😞 - I think we could find cheaper place with a better view more at the south of the Island. Expansive for extra ac.

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