Kai Bae

Kai Bae Beach Resort

Kai Bae Beach Resort

Kai Bae Beach Resort has been undergoing a rebuilding phase for the past 3 years.  Thankfully, the construction is now all complete. A new swimming pool, hotel block, restaurant, car park and reception have been added.  Plus new beachfront bungalows and a coffeeshop by the beach. 

So basically it’s a totally different place to the original resort.  And that’s a good thing.  It was looking tired and it now resembles a modern beach resort. 

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The hotel rooms are very generic though.  But offer good value for money and feature a spacious balcony.  Around  2,500 Baht / night will get you a sea view room with all the essential amenities.  The bungalows are the only remnants of the original and they have been spruced up a little.  These are around the same price as the modern hotel rooms. 

Hotel room at Kai Bae Beach Resort

The resort is in a very handy location, right in the centre of Kai Bae beach, a 5 minute walk to shops and restaurants on the main road.

That coupled with a nice beach right outside and you can’t really go wrong if you are looking for a mid-price room by the sea for a couple of weeks.  It’s not a place for party animals but ideal for families and couples. 

It’s a deservedly popular resort and one to go for if you don’t find any others that really grab your attention.  It ticks all the beach / location / Aircon room / value for money  boxes.  

Beachfront bungalow interior at Kai Bae Beach Resort

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