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Long Beach – Change is on the Way

Long Beach, koh Chang

Located at the end of a potholed, hilly dirt road, 6km from the nearest hamlet, Long Beach is one of the few remaining ‘unspoiled’ beaches on Koh Chang.   But things are slowly changing . . .

First there was Long Beach Resort – budget huts at the north end of the beach. This was then taken over by the popular Treehouse Huts from Lonely Beach on the west cast and re-branded as the new Treehouse.   Then 3 years ago Zion Bungalows set up shop at the far southern end of the beach and more recently a handful of simple huts were built on the hillside above the beach and these go by the name Long Beach Resort, Long Beach Bungalows or even LB Hotel, presuming the sign by the road isn’t for the construction site which is adjacent to the huts and 2 metres from restaurant.

Last year things started changing and work on a new resort, owned by Sea View Resort, and so therefore almost certainly connected to CP Group – one of Thailand’s biggest conglomerates and a major land owner on Koh Chang, began.   The main structure is complete so it isn’t beyond the realms of possibility that the rooms will be ready for the 2011-12 High Season.   Earlier this year Zion Bungalows decided to shut down, someone with far more money & influence wanted to rent the land. Their bungalows have almost all been demolished now and I expect some new bungalows, from the new tenant will be built in the near future.


  • Pleased to read these premises; stay away here, to keep it quiet. All (road etc.) is improved, but forget about any luxury (internet etc.) and it will be the last resoprt for the rest of my life (come there already 6 years, my guitar is already moved.)

  • Still a complete messy road! Yet real fun getting there if you like some action and to explore.. Just ride careful! I shared the beach (long beach) with 3 other people, may it stay that way!

  • They’ll need to reconstruct the road entirely before any serious development happens … the last part of it is barely passable when I went through last year!

  • I wrote about this, too (however, in German), but it is very, very, very sad to read that what made Koh Chang so special – at least for me – finally gets destroyed: A nearly empty beach with an area around it that had “enough” untouched space to explore… Very, very sorry to read this.

  • Heading north to where? From Jek Bae village, by Salakphet Bay south to Long Beach no additional work has been done on the road for about 6 years,so the concrete stops after about 3.5km and the last 3km of road is a track.

  • There is a road to Salakkok village on the shore of the bay. Part was paved about 3 years ago and part is still a dirt road.

  • Is the road heading north reconstructed already or at least under way?

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