Top 10 Romantic Resorts in Phuket

The best Romantic Phuket Resorts

The Best Honeymoon Hotels on Phuket

Is a hotel hideaway on a remote, unseen beach like Andaman White Beach Resort the most romantic on Phuket? Or is it a small boutique hotel like The Boathouse with its trendy beach club Re Ka Ta in the middle of active Kata Beach? Or perhaps most romantic is the stylish, ultra-modern design statement, Sala Phuket, on remote Mai Khao Beach?

Phuket has many beaches and as many different atmospheres. The most famous trio of beaches on the southwest coast – Patong, Karon and Kata – are often crowded through high season.  They may not appear so romantic, but they represent only a small slice of Phuket. 

The resorts below are in locations traditionally associated with romance.  Secretive, out of the way places, closer to nature where natural passions are more likely to break out from the chains of modern, urban living.

Romantic Resorts For Couples in Phuket

The Surin resort in Phuket

The Surin – Hidden on a beautiful beach

Guests at The Surin enjoy one of the most pristine, peaceful beaches on Phuket. Despite the fact that just 200 metres away crowds swarm over Surin Beach in peak season.

This beachfront hotel began life in the 1980s, back when developers had the choice of the best beaches on the almost-unknown island. This location was ideal as a natural headland cuts this sector of beach off from the main part of Surin beach, ensuring privacy.  Neaby beachgoers never even suspect that, just beyond the small forested hill, lies one of the most idyllic stretches of sand on Phuket.

Is there romance in a stunningly beautiful beach with soft sand and calm, clear water that’s so warm you can loll around in it for hours? For so many dreamers in cold countries the answer is a resounding yes!

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Mom Tri Villa Royale

Mom Tri’s Villa Royale – Natural style & fine cuisine

Mom Tri’s Villa Royale is a classic beach resort from an earlier era.  A time when Phuket had lots of space. Developers could afford to limit the area under concrete and keep much of their land green. Owner-developer Mom Tri Devakul built his first swimming pool among the ocean-side rocks.  Then added his now-famous restaurant in among the big trees. 

Sprawled across the headland overlooking Kata Noi Beach , Mom Tri’s Villa Royale faces a rocky shore and grand vistas of the Andaman Sea. While a small walking path leads directly to the beach. This resort provides guests with an idyllic and tranquil escape.

The resort restaurant, Mom Tri’s Kitchen, is one of the most famous on Phuket, and deservedly so. It serves some of the finest and most creative Thai fusion cuisine on the island. The restaurant is spread over a mix of decks, terraces and separate rooms, all squeezed in among the foliage, and all having stunning views over the ocean. 

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Cloud 19 Panwa – Small, beachfront retreat on the bay

Cloud 19 Panwa

Cloud 19 Panwa is an out-of-the-way boutique resort with just 19 rooms facing a quiet beach on Phuket’s tranquil southeast corner. Small, homey and personal, this resort is ideal for couples seeking peaceful time together away from the tourist crowds.

This side of the island is more ‘Thai’, and those who venture out from here will soon find themselves in local villages. There are some nice beach-side restaurants in this area, a good mountain viewpoint and other small beaches nearby.  Such as Ao Yon, for which you’ll need your own transport to access easily. 

However, many couples seeking time for themselves alone will find the relaxed, tranquil atmosphere here pleasing. The sunsets can be spectacular from here, for the sun drops over both ocean and mountains, often turning sky and sea to fiery orange.

Romantic? For some who seek tranquility away from the main tourist beaches this could be perfect.

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Paresa Resort – Clinging to Kamala’s cliff

Paresa Resort, Phuket

Embrace in the amazing panoramas at Paresa Resort and stoke the romantic fire of love.

The spectacular, cliff-top panorama over the Andaman Sea is at the heart of this resort. There is no beach. The resort provides a shuttle bus to Kamala to get guests to the sand. But from virtually every point in the resort there is a spectacular ocean vista. While very steep, the cliff or hillside still allows big trees to cling to it.  Thus providing a lush, leafy canopy over many parts of the resort. 

Each villa has a private pool with infinity edge ocean views. The main pool also has a grand sea view.  As do both restaurants and the outdoor decks that become spectacular sunset viewing platforms each evening as the sun drops into the Andaman. Romantic? No-one would argue against that.

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Marina Phuket Resort – Rainforest retreat by the beach

Marina Phuket Resort, Karon beach

The Marina Phuket Resort (not to be confused with the modern, high rise Marina Phuket Hotel)  is an enigmatic, almost invisible hideaway overlooking Karon Beach. One of Phuket’s most beautiful, and often busiest, stretches of sand.

It’s an unlikely refuge from the chaotic urban and commercial world that swirls around it.  With little more than a few rooftops protruding through a forest canopy visible to the outside world. Where most nearby resorts are largely concrete with small patches of green, this is a forest with a scattering of rooms.

At its heart is a two-tier swimming pool with exotic palms and lush foliage spilling out to touch the water and, of course, a waterfall. Many of the walkways connecting the rooms are elevated boardwalks that virtually tunnel through the thick greenery.

How romantic is this? It’s hard to think of anyplace on Karon Beach, or even Patong, that has anything like the special, intimate atmosphere of Marina Phuket Resort.

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Sri Panwa Resort – Fine design, supreme views

Sri Panwa Pool Villa

With open-wall bathrooms looking out across one of Phuket’s most stunning seascapes, Sri Panwa Luxury Pool Villa Resort has to find a place among the most romantic beach resorts. This series of 52 hilltop villas lies at the far southeast corner of Phuket with panoramas of islands in three directions. And both the rising and setting sun.

Most villas are privately owned, but also rented, with the layouts and decor differing with the various owner tastes. Everything, however, is 5-star luxurious, and some of the villa layouts display exceptional creativity in their efforts to maximize the views. Some villas enjoy 270 degree vistas. The architecture is modern, creative and stylish throughout.

Each villa has its own private pool, but there is also a large main pool at the centre of the resort where there are large common areas enjoying more of those stunning views. Sri Panwa serves more than just food, it offers a complete lifestyle for the well-to-do – and for those wishing to splash out on an exceptionally romantic island escape like no other in Phuket.

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The Boathouse Phuket – Intimate retreat on Kata Beach

The Boathouse Phuket

The is the third beachfront resort in Phuket to feature in this Most Romantic list that was built by renown Thai architect Mom Tri Devakul. Small and intimate, it was also built in the 1980s , though it has since undergone extensive refurbishing and now includes a very attractive, trendy beach club adjacent, Re Ka Ta, that provides yet more beach lifestyle.

With just 38 rooms and an expansive beachside restaurant, The Boathouse Phuket is surely the top boutique resort on Phuket’s three most famous beaches, Patong, Karon and Kata. While Kata gets very busy during peak seasons, it remains surprisingly tranquil during the monsoon season.

This time of year can also be very pleasant. The rain generally comes in short, quick squalls and leaves most hours of each day quite dry. With its open facade looking out across the Andaman Sea, The Boathouse is a great spot from which to watch the monsoon-driven waves being ridden by a dedicated gang of surfers. And to experience the storms and clouds as they surge in from the Indian Ocean. Passing quickly on their way northeast to China.

Romantic? This writer has enjoyed countless sunsets here with a cool glass of wine, good company and stunning views across the ocean – and says emphatically yes! And he likes it most of all during the moody, atmospheric monsoon season.

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Andaman White Beach Resort – Stunning private beach

Andaman White Beach Resort

Phuket has just a small handful of elite beachfront resorts that can claim to have their own beach.  But no other has a beach to match the stunning beauty of that enjoyed by Andaman White Beach Resort. Officially known as Nai Thon Noi Beach, this is hardly ever seen by outsiders. The road runs close by, but the back of the resort blocks both the view and access.  Cars simply pass by unaware that they are within metres of one of the best romantic hotels in Phuket.

The resort makes good use of its privileged position. All 50 rooms enjoying ocean views, as do the restaurants, bars, reception and main swimming pool. 17 rooms open directly onto the sands. Some have a private pool. The resort places shaded sun beds onto the beach for guests to luxuriate in. 

The sand is fine and soft, the water always clear.  During the high season months, it is exceptionally calm and ideal for swimming. If a beautiful, quiet beach can set the right romantic tone for you, this gorgeous tropical gem might be the perfect place to spark some sandy passion.

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Sala Phuket Mai Khao Beach Resort – Stylish, private and green

Sala Phuket Mai Khao Beach Resort

Privacy, luxury, trendiness and a lush green environment are vital elements that make up the special world that has been created at Sala Phuket Mai Khao Beach Resort. This resort makes a bold statement with its modern, minimalist architecture. Plus motifs from the Sino-Portuguese style that typifies old Phuket. And it’s one that works within the spacious, green environment here.  Creating one of Phuket’s outstanding beachfront properties.

Of the 79 villas that make up Sala Phuket, 63 have private pools. All enjoy a high measure of privacy and all are fitted with 5-star luxuries. The confidential world within each villa lends itself to romance. And the resort’s open beachfront area and virtually empty beach are also ideal for togetherness.

The restaurant and main swimming pool both enjoy lots of open space. Loungers can be placed in any spot of shade. The environment is tranquil to the ultimate, and relaxing a natural state of mind. Such an atmosphere will prove effectively romantic for many couples who arrive with the right ingredients.

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The Nai Harn – Phuket’s best panoramas

The Nai Harn Hotel Phuket

This hotel on a hillside overlooking the most beautiful scenery in Phuket is an old icon. It began its famous life as the Royal Phuket Yacht Club Hotel. Opened in 1987 it was  one of the first truly romantic hotels in Phuket. Nai Harn beach which it overlooked and accessed by a flight of steps was simply the most beautiful on Phuket. After all, in those days the developer, famed Thai architect Mom Tri Devakul, had the choice of beaches across Phuket.

Things have changed a lot in Phuket since then. Including a full renovation and rebranding of the hotel as The Nai Harn. However the panoramas enjoyed from the deck of this hotel have seen virtually no transformation what-so-ever. Allowing guests to enjoy a rare slice of timeless beauty. The hills surrounding this beach have no private land titles, and the back of the beach belongs to a temple. Thus, virtually no constructions sully the natural views over Nai Harn Bay and its picturesque, coconut-covered island.

Romantic? Even having breakfast on the terrace overlooking the bay can be exceptionally moving. And when it approaches sunset, rays of light often shoot across in front of the resort. This lights up the nearby hills. Putting a sparkle into the coconut island and glinting off the hulls of yachts that shelter in the bay. And that can be exceptionally romantic.

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