Nearby Islands

Koh Kham 2023

Koh Kham, Trat

A quick look at the private island of Koh Kham.

Some photos taken by one of our guests during their trip to Koh Mak last week.  They took a boat from Koh Mak Resort over to the nearby island of Koh Kham.  This is a private island which has an interesting history.  It’s currently home to an unfinished luxury resort ‘ Ananya Hideaway’ and is also for sale . . . if you have a spare 1,500,000,000 Baht.

It’s not possible to stay on the island but there is small bar where you can get cold drinks.  Staff are on the island and do a great job of keeping the beach spotlessly clean.  The sand is probably the finest in this part of Thailand.

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