West Coast Islands

Koh Pli

Koh Pli is one of the group of six islands that lie off the western shore of Koh Chang.   It isn’t one that many people visit as, although from some angles it may appear to have a small beach on it’s northeast corner, it doesn’t.   The ‘beach’ is just a pile of dead, broken coral.   However, you do often see fishermen out near the island.   The main attraction for me is that you can quite often see a large sea eagle or two around the back of the island ( likewise on the busier Koh Yuak )   These are the large black and white birds, proper eagles, not the smaller brown and white kites that are pretty common on Koh Chang.

Worth Visiting? Not really.   But if you are into your eagles and going to Koh Yuak anyway then it is worth the short detour.


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