South-east Islands

Koh Bai Daeng

You probably wont see Koh Bai Daeng mentioned in any other guides – online or in print.   And, apart from one boat trip that visits occasionally, no visitors make it to the island.   So you’d think that there was nothing worth going there for.   However, you’d be wrong.   Tucked away in a sheltered bay on the east of the island is a beautiful beach.   The National Park must have though the island had something as , along with Koh Rang, it is one of only two outlying islands to have a National Park Ranger station on it.   As with any National Park camp site, this means that camping is allowed and there are facilities such as toilets and showers.

I’m pretty sure a change of name to Koh Tao ( Turtle Island’ ) on account of it’s profile would do wonders for the visitor numbers.

Worth Visiting? Yes – definitely   a hidden gem. Relatively easy paddle from Koh Wai and worth the effort. Beautiful, but virtually unknown beach plus public toilets – what more could you want?


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