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Ao Sapporot Ferry Pier From The Air ( Video )

Ao Sapporot Ferry Koh Chang

Ao Sapporot Ferry Koh Chang

Chances are this will be where you set foot on Koh Chang for the first time.

Ao Sapporot is the Koh Chang pier for ‘Ferry Koh Chang’ the busiest of the two ferry companies which bring people from the mainland to Koh Chang.  The majority of buses and minibuses coming from Bangkok will use this pier.  Bangkok Airways minibuses use this pier, so if you’re flying to Trat you’ll use it.

The other ferry pier, Centerpoint, has a reputation for being friendlier.  ( No-one can last remember when they saw a member of the Ferry Koh Chang staff smile ) and also for having a ferry schedule and sticking to it. ( Koh Chang Ferry runs services at around 45 minute intervals, but this varies depending on the weather, how busy they are etc or simply for no apparent reason.)

The ferry in the photos & video is the largest and slowest ferry.  The other boats are old Hong Kong harbour ferries.  Check out the life jackets and inflatable life-rafts – both of which were last serviced / replaced in the late 90’s.  Just as well they’ve never needed to be used.

Ferry Koh Chang : Ferry Ticket Prices
Passengers & vehicles Prices (Baht)
per passenger or per vehicle
You will pay these prices.
One way One way
Adults & children over 11 years old 80 30
Child 8-10 years old 30 30
Child 0-7 years old Free Free
Motorbike 40 30
4-wheel car 120 80

When you arrive on the island you’ll see shared pick up truck taxis waiting to take foot passengers to their hotels.  You’ll see the taxis in the video along the inland side of the road opposite where the ferry moors.  Taxi prices on Koh Chang.

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