Jan - Dec 2014

Koh Chang Weather in November 2014

Another brief weather update, live from outside my window on Koh Chang island, Thailand. The rainy season this year wasn’t as wet as in other years but it did drag on a little into mid November.  But still, the odd day with heavy rain was interspersed with plenty of clear sunny days.  Some great sunsets at this time of year as the skies are very clear. Some strong northerly winds blowing durng the middle of the month that herald the start of the dry season.

Nov 1 wea6
Nov 2 wea6
Nov 3 wea2
Nov 4 wea6
Nov 5 wea2
Nov 6 wea2
Nov 7 wea2
Nov 8 wea2
Nov 9 wea6
Nov 10 wea6
Nov 11 wea2
Nov 12 wea2
Nov 13 wea6
Nov 14 wea6
Nov 15 wea2
Nov 16 wea2
Nov 17 wea2
Nov 18
Nov 19
Nov   20 wea2
Nov 21 wea2
Nov 22 wea6
Nov 23 wea6
Nov 24
Nov 25
Nov 26 wea6
Nov 27 wea6
Nov 28 wea2
Nov 29 wea6
Nov 30 wea6

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