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Koh Chang Weather in June 2014

The weather on Koh Chang, or my little part of it, for June 2014.   June is one of the quietest months on the island and is often pretty wet.  But this year was the wettest for a few years.  Some very heavy overnight rain.  However, the afternoons and evenings were often dry – so visitors still got to see the sun and went home with a tan. Rough seas and a couple of drownings on Kai Bae beach & Lonely beach

 June 1  wea19
 June 2 wea29
 June 3 wea29
 June 4 wea19
 June 5 wea7
 June 6 wea17
 June 7 wea17
 June 8 wea29
 June 9 wea19
 June 10 wea19
 June 11 wea29
 June 12 wea29
 June 13 wea19
 June 14 wea29
 June 15 wea18
 June 16 wea18
 June 17 wea29
 June 18 wea18
 June 19 wea17
 June 20 wea19
 June 21 wea17
 June 22 wea17
 June 23  wea7
 June 24  wea19
 June 24  wea19
 June 25  wea17
 June 26  wea17
 June 27  wea19
 June 28  wea19
 June 29  wea17
 June 30  wea17

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