Jan - Dec 2014

The Koh Chang Weather in December 2014

A brief summary of the weather in December 214.  As you can see, there was hardly any rain.  Just one day which was a bit wet.  Overall, another very good, dry December, no strong winds and only one prolonged overnight rain shower. Starting to get cool in the evening towards Christmas and there were some strong winds during the middle of the month. Great for sailing, not so good if you;re on a speedboat.

Dec 1 wea1
Dec 2 wea2
Dec 3 wea1
Dec 4 wea1
Dec 5
Dec 6 wea1
Dec 7 wea6
Dec 8 wea6
Dec 9 wea1
Dec 10 wea6
Dec 11
Dec 12 wea6
Dec 13 wea6
Dec 14 wea6
Dec 15 wea1
Dec 16 wea1
Dec 17 wea1
Dec 18 wea6
Dec 19 wea1
Dec 20 wea1
Dec 21 wea6
Dec 22 wea6
Dec 23 wea1
Dec 24 wea1
Dec 25 wea1
Dec 26 wea1
Dec 27 wea6
Dec 28 wea1
Dec 29 wea1
Dec 30 wea1
Dec 31 wea6

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