Jan-Dec 2013

Koh Chang Weather – September 2013

What was the weather like on Koh Chang in September 2013?  if you’re asking yourself that question, you’ve come to the right place to find out.  not in any detail.  But in a simple ‘weather icon a day’ format.   September 2013 was drier than normal at the start of the month, but after a week of very good weather the rains came and the middle two weeks were very wet.  There was flooding in many places after a couple of severe storms but the sun did come out occasionally, but overall it was pretty grey & damp. The sunshine returned at the end of the month.

Sep 1 wea6
Sep 2 wea18
Sep 3 wea6
Sep 4 wea6
Sep 5 wea6
Sep 6 wea6
Sep 7 wea18
Sep 8 wea19
Sep 9 wea19
Sep 10
Sep 11
Sep 12 wea18
Sep 13
Sep 14 wea19
Sep 15 wea19
Sep 16
Sep 17 wea19
Sep 18 wea19
Sep 19 wea19
Sep 20 wea19
Sep 21 wea7
Sep 22
Sep 23
Sep 24 wea7
Sep 25 wea7
Sep 26 wea19
Sep 27 wea7
Sep 28 wea18
Sep 29 wea7
Sep 30 wea7

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