Jan-Dec 2013

Koh Chang Weather for June 2013

The weather for June 2013.  Pretty much the same pattern as in previous years.  Some very nice days interspersed with a couple of grey wet ones.  The good news is that although it rained virtually every day, most rain was overnight and so the daytime, from 10am onwards on most days was dry and the sun frequently came out from behind the clouds. The sea wasn’t too rough and the snorkelling trips operated throughout the month, with our guests reporting surprisingly good visibility

June 1 wea17
June 2 wea18
June 3 wea6
June 4 wea29
June 5 wea18
June 6 wea29
June 7 wea6
June 8 wea18
June 9 wea18
June 10 wea6
June 11 wea17
June 12 wea29
June 13 wea18
June 14 wea17
June 15 wea18
June 16 wea6
June 17 wea29
June 18 wea29
June 19 wea18
June 20 wea18
June 21 wea17
June 22 wea17
June 23 wea17
June 24 wea18
June 25 wea17
June 26 Away for a few days – but rain every dayon Koh Chang with a couple of sunnier days
June 27  
June 28  
June 29  
June 30