Jan-Dec 2013

Weather on Koh Chang August 2013

The weather in brief.  Very brief – just one little icon to sum up a day, which is hard when there can be everything from thunderstorms & flooding to brilliant sunshine to a light showers in the same day.   Yet another pretty nice, relatively dry August.  As in previous years, the end of the month was better than the beginning.  The early part of the month had quite a few grey & wet days mixed in with the sunshine. Seas were pretty rough throughout most of the month.

Aug 1wea28
Aug 2wea16
Aug 3wea27
Aug 4wea19
Aug 5wea16
Aug 6wea28
Aug 7wea19
Aug 8wea6
Aug 9wea19
Aug 10wea17
Aug 11wea16
Aug 12wea28
Aug 13wea17
Aug 14wea18
Aug 15wea28
Aug 16wea17
Aug 17wea17
Aug 18wea18
Aug 19wea16
Aug 20wea18
Aug 21wea19
Aug 22wea6
Aug 23wea18
Aug 24wea17
Aug 25wea17
Aug 26wea6
Aug 27wea19
Aug 28wea18
Aug 29wea19
Aug 30wea17
Aug 31wea18