Jan-Dec 2012

The Weather in November 2012

Very strange weather in November 2012 on Koh Chang.  Last year the rainy season stopped in mid-October.  From then until January there was virtually no rain.  This year has been totally different.  Whilst there was plenty of sunshine in November  it was more akin to rainy season days.  Sunshine in the morning and early afternoon, then clouding over and heavy rain late afternoon and overnight on many days.  There were some dry days and right at the end of the month it looked as though the rain had indeed finally gone.  But much wetter than normal not only on Koh Chang but across many places in Thailand.

Nov 1 wea18
Nov 2 wea7
Nov 3 wea17
Nov 4 wea17
Nov 5 wea6
Nov 6 wea17
Nov 7 wea17
Nov 8 wea6
Nov 9 wea17
Nov 10 wea6
Nov 11 wea17
Nov 12 wea17
Nov 13 wea6
Nov 14 wea7
Nov 15 wea17
Nov 16 wea7
Nov 17 wea7
Nov 18 wea6
Nov 19 wea17
Nov 20 wea7
Nov 21 wea17
Nov 22 wea17
Nov 23  wea6
Nov 24  wea6
Nov 25  wea17
Nov 26  wea6
Nov 27  wea17
Nov 28  wea6
Nov 29  wea6
Nov 30  wea6