Jan-Dec 2011

The Weather for October 2011

The weather for October 2011, from the Klong Prao Meteorological   Office, i.e. outside my window.   Normally the first half of the month is much wetter   and cloudier than the end of the month and this year was no exception.   However, the rainy season appeared to end earlier than expected with the last of the heavy rain falling in mid October.   The final couple of weeks of the month were full on sunshine. Some cloud and the odd light shower but ideal weather for a holiday.

Oct 1wea6
Oct 2wea17
Oct 3wea6
Oct 4wea19
Oct 5wea17
Oct 6wea18
Oct 7wea19
Oct 8wea6
Oct 9wea6
Oct 10wea17
Oct 11wea17
Oct 12wea19
Oct 13wea6
Oct 14wea6
Oct 15wea17
Oct 16wea17
Oct 17wea6
Oct 18wea6
Oct 19wea17
Oct 20wea6
Oct 21wea6
Oct 22wea17
Oct 23wea6
Oct 24wea6
Oct 25wea6
Oct 26wea6
Oct 27wea6
Oct 28wea7
Oct 29wea6
Oct 30wea6
Oct 31wea6

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