Jan-Dec 2011

Koh Chang Weather For August 2011

The Koh Chang weather for August 2011, from the Klong Prao Meteorological Office, i.e. outside my window. In the past the last couple of weeks of August were pretty good.   But this year and last it has been pretty wet.   Fortunately, the very heavy rain is mainly confined to overnight downpours. During the day the sun usually came out from behind the clouds in the afternoon. Although there were a couple of very grey days.

Aug 1wea19
Aug 2wea6
Aug 3wea28
Aug 4wea19
Aug 5wea18
Aug 6wea6
Aug 7wea18
Aug 8wea18
Aug 9wea28
Aug 10wea19
Aug 11wea19
Aug 12wea18
Aug 13wea6
Aug 14wea17
Aug 15wea18
Aug 16wea6
Aug 17wea19
Aug 18wea17
Aug 19wea17
Aug 20wea18
Aug 21wea18
Aug 22wea19
Aug 23wea19
Aug 24wea29
Aug 25wea17
Aug 26wea18
Aug 27wea19
Aug 28wea19
Aug 29 
Aug 30 
Aug 31 

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