Jan-Dec 2010

Koh Chang Weather For October 2010

The weather for October 2010, from the Klong Prao Meteorological   Office, i.e. outside my window.   Normally the first half of the month is much wetter   and cloudier than the end of the month.   Last year was the opposite.   This year it has just been very wet for the first couple of weeks, with a few more days of heavy rain forecast.   (This isn’t limited to Koh Chang, it’s been raining heavily across Thailand recently.)   But entering the last 10 days of the month, the wind has switched direction and cooler, hazier weather is here – indication the dry season is on the way. And the final few days of the month saw very strong northerly winds and cold temperatures – 20C before you factor in wind chill but very little rain – just a few light showers.

Oct 1 wea28
Oct 2 wea18
Oct 3 wea28
Oct 4 wea28
Oct 5 wea17
Oct 6 wea19
Oct 7 wea18
Oct 8 wea18
Oct 9 wea19
Oct 10 wea28
Oct 11
Oct 12 wea18
Oct 13
Oct 14 wea19
Oct 15 wea28
Oct 16 wea19
Oct 17 wea17
Oct 18 wea18
Oct 19 wea18
Oct 20 wea18
Oct 21 wea18
Oct 22 wea18
Oct 23 wea18
Oct 24 wea18
Oct 25
Oct 26 wea18
Oct 27
Oct 28
Oct 29 wea18
Oct 30
Oct 31

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