Jan-Dec 2010

Koh Chang Weather For July 2010

Koh Chang’s weather for July 2010, from the Klong Prao Meteorological   Office, i.e. outside my window.     As with last year the month has started very well.   Some rain in the first 4 days followed by a ten day spell of mostly dry weather with plenty of sunshine and relatively calm seas with great underwater visibility.   Very nice.   But in the middle of the month, the grey skies and heavier rain returned and we’re back to ‘normal’ rainy season weather including torrential rain which led to widespread floods and landslides over the 24/25 July weekend.

July 1
July 2wea7
July 3wea18
July 4wea17
July 5wea6
July 6wea6
July 7wea6
July 8wea18
July 9wea6
July 10wea17
July 11wea6
July 12wea6
July 13wea6
July 14wea17
July 15wea18
July 16wea17
July 17
July 18wea17
July 19wea18
July 20wea17
July 21wea18
July 22wea17
July 23wea17
July 24wea17
July 25wea17
July 26wea17
July 27wea18
July 28wea18
July 29wea18
July 30wea17
July 31wea18


  • Hi Ian, this will do, please predict some sunny weather starting at the 6th of August, that’s when my wife and I arrive at Chang again.

    Grtz R.& W.

  • I guess pretty wet. Chances are there’s more rain here than Chantaburi. I’d go in the opposite direct to Samet to have the best chance to avoid the rain.

  • Hi, Whats this weekend looking like? please a bit of sun, planning to escape the constant rain of Chanthaburi!

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