Jan-Dec 2008

The Weather for January 2008

The weather for January 2008, from the Klong Prao Meteorloogical   Office, i.e. outside my window. A better month than the same time a year ago, lots of hazy sunshine with the only rainfall coming in showers during the final days of the month.

Jan 1wea6
Jan 2wea2
Jan 3wea6
Jan 4wea6
Jan 5wea6
Jan 6wea2
Jan 7wea6
Jan 8wea2
Jan 9wea2
Jan 10wea6
Jan 11wea6
Jan 12wea2
Jan 13wea2
Jan 14wea6
Jan 15wea6
Jan 16wea6
Jan 17wea1
Jan 18wea1
Jan 19wea1
Jan   20wea2
Jan 21wea1
Jan 22wea2
Jan 23wea2
Jan 24wea6
Jan 25wea6
Jan 26wea1
Jan 27wea2
Jan 28wea1
Jan 29wea7
Jan 30wea7
Jan 31wea2