Jan-Dec 2008

The Weather for February 2008

The weather for February 2008, from the Klong Prao Meteorlogical   Office, i.e. outside my window.   In   February 2007 the rain came late in the month, this year it was the first week that was by far the wettest, with very little falling after that.   Not many days with clear blue skies though.

Feb 1wea16
Feb 2wea2
Feb 3wea19
Feb 4wea18
Feb 5wea19
Feb 6wea18
Feb 7wea16
Feb 8wea16
Feb 9wea2
Feb 10wea2
Feb 11wea6
Feb 12wea6
Feb 13wea6
Feb 14wea16
Feb 15wea16
Feb 16wea2
Feb 17wea2
Feb 18wea7
Feb 19wea6
Feb   20wea6
Feb 21wea7
Feb 22wea16
Feb 23wea6
Feb 24wea2
Feb 25wea16
Feb 26wea6
Feb 27wea18
Feb 28wea16