Jan-Dec 2008

The Weather for December 2008

The weather for December 2008, from the Klong Prao Meteorological   Office, i.e. outside my window.   Pretty much a   perfect month.   No rain and clear skies virtually every day.   However the icons don’t show the strong northerly winds that blew most of the month which cooled the air.

Dec 1wea1
Dec 2wea2
Dec 3wea1
Dec 4wea1
Dec 5wea1
Dec 6wea1
Dec 7wea1
Dec 8wea1
Dec 9wea1
Dec 10wea1
Dec 11wea1
Dec 12wea1
Dec 13wea1
Dec 14wea1
Dec 15wea1
Dec 16wea1
Dec 17wea1
Dec 18wea1
Dec 19wea1
Dec   20wea1
Dec 21wea1
Dec 22wea1
Dec 23wea1
Dec 24wea2
Dec 25wea6
Dec 26wea1
Dec 27wea1
Dec 28wea1
Dec 29wea1
Dec 30wea1
Dec 31wea6