Jan-Dec 2007

The Weather for November 2007

The weather for November 2007, from the Klong Prao Meteorological   Office, i.e outside my window. Not quite as sunny as November 2006, but still a very dry month with only a couple of days with significant rainfall. And, as usual for this time of year, very few visitors on the island.

Nov 1wea6
Nov 2wea6
Nov 3wea7
Nov 4wea7
Nov 5wea6
Nov 6wea6
Nov 7wea6
Nov 8wea6
Nov 9wea6
Nov 10wea6
Nov 11wea6
Nov 12wea18
Nov 13wea7
Nov 14wea6
Nov 15wea6
Nov 16wea6
Nov 17wea6
Nov 18wea6
Nov 19wea6
Nov   20wea6
Nov 21wea2
Nov 22wea2
Nov 23wea2
Nov 24wea2
Nov 25wea1
Nov 26wea1
Nov 27wea1
Nov 28wea1
Nov 29wea1
Nov 30wea1