Jan-Dec 2007

The Weather for April 2007

The weather for April 2007, from the Klong Prao Meteorological   Office, i.e. outside my window.   Not a bad start to the month, then some quite heavy rainfall followed by a very nice week just after Thai New Year before reverting to the usual late April pattern of sunshine mixed with a few showers.

Apr 1wea6
Apr 2wea6
Apr 3wea6
Apr 4wea7
Apr 5wea7
Apr 6wea7
Apr 7wea18
Apr 8wea18
Apr 9wea18
Apr 10wea18
Apr 11wea18
Apr 12wea7
Apr 13wea18
Apr 14wea18
Apr 15wea7
Apr 16wea18
Apr 17wea7
Apr 18wea6
Apr 19wea7
Apr   20wea6
Apr 21wea6
Apr 22wea2
Apr 23wea2
Apr 24wea2
Apr 25wea6
Apr 26wea18
Apr 27wea18
Apr 28wea18
Apr 29wea6
Apr 30wea6