Strawberry Cheesecake Summer Postcard From Koh Chang

You’ll love this Thai TV show ‘ Strawberry Cheesecake’   . . . if you’ve got the mentatiy of   a six year old and so can identify with the screeching antics of the girls in the show.

Take a dozen   cloyingly sweet, Thai girl, wannabee TV presenters who are in love with their own girly ‘cuteness’, take then to Koh Chang, then get them to play mindless games and mug for the camera and you have a top rated TV program.

There are four segments from the show on Youtube. ( I chose this one as I remember seeing it being filmed a few months ago and wondering what was going on.)   I cant be bothered linking to them all as I feel that would lend some legitimacy to the girl’s too-painful-to-watch-program.

Watch this clip just so you know that despite what you may think of TV in your home country, it could be   far more moronic.!v=1fmsILFNOy4

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