German Guy Tries to Kill Himself by Swimming Out to Sea ( and Fails )

sea rescue drowning german It isn’t proper to laugh at other people’s misfortune and obviously you might not feel too easy if you were standing on the shore watching as a guy flailing in the sea, a few hundred metres off White Sand beach, refuses all offers of help. Watching the events live you would be sure to be praying for his rescue and, as the video shows, eventually, he is forcibly dragged out of the water and into a rescue boat, naked, in order to save himself from himself.

Fortunately, he survived and knowing this and with the benefit of hindsight, feel free to watch the video, shake your head in disbelief as you wonder just what a total knob he must be.   To be honest I wouldn’t have blamed the rescuers if they had just left him alone and then buggered off to have a beer and watch the sunset whilst he happily drowned, returning an hour late to pick the body up off the beach.

There must be less embarrassing ways to get your 15 minutes of fame on Koh Chang’s seminal ‘B News Channel’.

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  • You’re SO articulate – your opinion of him is described by calling him a “knob”. But I know that the people that use this word are ironically themselves perfectly described by it. They are however blissfully unaware of this and continue to use it with much self satisfaction. Then you say you thought they should “bugger off” meaning you thought they should leave the scene.. Another example of your shining literary prowess.

    Besides your lack of articulation though, is a more serious problem. Your judgemental, cynical absolute lack of feeling or understanding for what may have been going through this man’s head, how he may have suffered a lifetime with depression and your denial for him of this right to take his own life. I don’t think you should really be commenting on this event because of your lack of understanding and your obvious immaturity.

    Yes, you are well described by your own phraseology: you’re a knob.

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