Dewa Resort Litter the Beach to Stage a Beach Cleanup for Guests . . . . Idiots

Staged beach cleanup

Staged beach cleanup

( Photo via Pascal on Facebook )

I used to think The Dewa was a good resort, but the actions of their management today have taken idiocy to a whole new level.

Apparently they had a Thai group visiting who wanted to save the planet and clean up the island.  That’s a good thing, there’s plenty of garbage on the island that needs cleaning up.  So hats off to them for wanting to help out.

However, for reasons best know to the management Dewa Resort staff were told to empty garbage onto the beach outside the resort so that the guests could clean that up instead.  Presumably as a clean-up on the beach right outside the hotel in the late afternoon sunshine is far more convenient and makes for better photos than one by a roadside a few hundred metres away.

See the video and read the Facebook post which  brought this to my attention below . . .

“The staff from the the Dewa hotel with the manager throw 3 big bags of garbage on the beach today!

We ask to the lady in pink on the video(manager) why? she said they are “setting up” some garbage on the beach because they receive a group tonight at the hotel and they want to help the community!

Now people from restaurant they just saw it so they try to clean the beach and the hotel staff just to stop them because they don’t know what to do to help the community in Koh Chang!

The group is now here and they take photo with a banner like they are doing a ecological work for the community!


Posted by Mathieu Tremblay on Friday, 24 April 2015

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