For 2015

9 May

Peaceful Koh Chang Beach

The Songkran, Thai New Year, celebrations were a bit muted this year.  Whilst the island was definitely far busier than usual, it wasn’t total chaos as it has been in previous years.  However, the recent five day May Day holiday more than made up for it.  During the first couple of days of the holiday drivers queued for several hours to get onto the island. And on the last two days, this was repeated and drivers were waiting until late night to get off the island. At one stage the tailbacks from the ferry piers were around 4Km long.

This video is from lunchtime on 1 May.  These people were lucky.  It got much worse later in the day.  It took many drivers 12+ hours to get from Bangkok onto Koh Chang.  Well over double the normal travelling time to the island.

And this is lunchtime a few days later when people were leaving the island.  ( So avoid driving here on long Thai holidays. )

Down on Klong Kloi beach, near Bangbao, a nice little resort has opened.  It’s called ‘Treehouse Bungalows’ ( no relation to the famous Treehouse that put Koh Chang on the backpackers’ map years ago ) The fan and AC bungalows are built on what’s almost an island in the middle of a mangrove lined inlet that leads out to the sea.   Access is via  wooden bridge and there are raised wooden walkways connecting the bungalows and the restaurant.  They also have a goat.  AC bungalows are 1,500 Baht and Fan huts are 500 Baht.  Looks a laid back, peaceful place and the beach is only 3 minutes walk away.

Now the May Day holidays are over, High Season is too.  Despite the weather still being very good, boat services have now stopped running from Koh Chang to Koh Mak and Koh Kood and the beaches are almost deserted.  It’s a great time to visit the island.

Say, you decide to rent a car whilst on holiday on Koh Chang.  Then after a few days exploring thew island you decide to head off and see what Trat has to offer.  When on the mainland you get hungry.  But where to eat?  Here’s a great place, located half way between the ferry pier and Trat town.  It’s in a village called Nam Cheio.  The road to Trat passes through the village which is built alongside  a river.  However, there is a second part of the village a kilometre away, closer to the sea.  This fishing community is where ‘Tewtara’ restaurant is located.   They also have a guesthouse nearby if you want a night in a real fisherman’s village.   ( Info & Map – Thai language but plenty of photos of food )

Accident of the Week:  As usual there are always a few to choose from but this week’s winner is the pick up truck taxi driver who overtook in the wet and managed to flip his vehicle 360 degrees into a drainage ditch.  On the plus side he hit the only section of roadside that didn’t have a shop or beer bar built on it. He survived with a few cuts and bruises.  Luckily there were no passengers onboard.

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