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8 June

Chantaburi run

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3 August – You’ll have noticed it’s been a while since I did an update.  I’ve been busy updating other areas of the site, in particularly the hotel reviews which were getting old.  These have been updated with the help of visitors to this site who I contacted to ask to write their opinions of the resort they stayed in.  So, putting all that together has taken a lot of time.  Still got 60 or so more reviews to add.  And also, as it’s low season, having some holidays, doing some fun runs around Thailand and working on a couple of my non-Koh Chang related websites.   The next proper update is due in mid-August when I get back from a trip to Europe.

In the meantime, here are a couple of new resources if you’re looking for a hotel for your holiday on Koh Chang:

The Best Luxury Hotels on Koh Chang

My Picks of Resorts for Families

See my Facebook page for random Koh Chang related stuff & updates plus photos from wherever I happen to be.  Last trip was The Maldives and next week they’ll be some pics of Swiss mountains. Hopefully in the sunshine.


The Green / Low / Rainy Season in now upon us, which should mean that I’ve got time to sit around and catch up on all the TV series I’ve downloaded over the past 6 months and haven’t had time to get round to watching.  Unfortunately not yet.  Still plenty to keep me occupied . . . .

A trip to Hua Hin and another to Chantaburi for a couple of 10Km fun runs.  As there’s the aforementioned temptation to sit around and spend too long catching up on TV shows it’s also nice to have a bit of motivation to do some exercise.  There’s always a good atmosphere and it’s a fun way to spend a Sunday morning.  At the Hua Hin run the post race catering was laid on by some of the fancy resorts in the area, in Chantaburi it consisted of free Durian.  A couple more weekends away later this month for runs in Bangkok and Ratchaburi.  Some photos from Chantaburi where the run coincided with the start of the annual fruit festival which included the almost famous ‘World Durian Championships‘ which, to no-one’s surprise were won by farmers from Chantaburi.

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Meanwhile on Koh Chang the weather has been pretty good.  Probably drier than normal.  Of course there has been some rain, but not enough to ruin a holiday and there have been numerous days with gorgeous weather.  Actually better than High Season, it’s hotter; the sky is clearer; the tides are lower – so the beaches are wider; the sunsets are better and there’s only a few lucky people here to enjoy it. The photos below are all from the past couple of weeks.

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The tides are so low at this time of year that you can actually walk to an island just off Kai Bae beach.  In High Season visitors paddle a kayak out there but on certain days for the next couple of months the tides will be low enough for you to safely walk from Koh Chang to Koh Man Nai.  It’s a fun activity, but be sure to wear walking sandals or footwear that can get wet but is strong enough not to be punctured by some sharp shells and stones.   This is the view you’ll have.  The guys you see in the video are harvesting shellfish:

I did a quick trip to Phnom Penh, the idea was to put myself in the shoes of a hardy, independent traveller and take the minibus.  But in the end I decided that driving to the border and then taking a taxi was a far better option for two reasons. 1) I’m not really into suffering for my art 2) If I took the minibus I’d miss Happy Hour at the FCC Phnom Penh.  More on how you can do the trip in under 8 hours, door-to-door with the minimum of hassle on the all new ‘How to get from Phnom Penh to Koh Chang‘ page.

Whilst in Phnom Penh I also did a nice little 60Km bike ride out of the city to Oudong, the old capital.  I’ve done a few rides in Cambodia, all with Grasshopper Adventures – who are an excellent company.  They also have branches in Thailand and other SouthEast Asian countries.  Well worth checking out if you enjoy cycling through remote areas in 35C temperatures.

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If you look at the three photos below and thinking to yourself, ‘That’s big enough to play cricket on‘  then you’re the type of person who might be interested in Koh Chang’s first International Beach Cricket Tournament.  A grand title for a not too serous beach cricket bash that will be held on 21-23 August at Siam Royal View, Koh Chang.  Teams from around Thailand and also Macau are already confirmed.  The matches are six-a-side affairs with each team having an innings of six overs.  So, they aren’t long enough to get boring.  Keep an eye on the Koh Chang Beach Cricket site for more details.

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Finally, if you’ve ever wondered how Tripadvisor restaurant reviews , which in the main are written by tourists, relate to reviews written by locals then this might be of interest.  I set out to compare Tripadvisor’s 83rd ranked restaurant on Koh Chang with the one rated #1, not just on Koh Chang but in Trat province, on the Thai foodie app Wongnai.  Picking a winner wasn’t easy . . . but someone’s got to do it.  The best seafood on Koh Chang?

Jae Eiw Seafood


  • Jae Eiw is on the roadside in the Klong Prao area. About 100 metres south of the turning for Klong Plu waterfall.

    There are only Tiger Huts & KP Huts on the beach. They are open now. But very quiet. All other resorts on the beach are large resorts.

  • great site! where exactly is jae eiw restaurant? will arrive in 3 weeks. looking for simple bungalow next to the beach, just like kp huts and tiger hut. will they be open during raining season? thanks for help

  • Hi.

    Not really as there’s no way to go inland.

    Most people run on the road. Run early – 6am, if you leave it until 7am it’ll be too hot. ( I usually run around 6am but this time of year get up at 5.30am as the sun is rising. No traffic on the roads then. ) You could run north along the beach and then up White Sand Beach Resort’s access road, which is the steepest road imaginable, to the top of the hill and then down the main road to White Sand. Not very long but the hill would kill you. Or you need to run over the big hill to Klong Son and then head into the valley where there’s a quiet road leading inland and a few tracks you could follow.


  • Hi.
    Is there some good trails for running near White sand beach.?

    We er 4 adults and 3 children coming to koh chang later this month, and a couple of us would like to do some running while staying there.. :-)

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