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May 9

My plan was to wait until I had time to take  a quick trip to Koh Kood before I did another update.  However, the maid’s holiday had to take priority over my own so she’s off sunning herself in a village in Trat and I’m cleaning rooms.  If the inter island boat service is still running in a week or so then i might still make it down there before it stops for the Low Season.

The tourist season ended with a sudden bump a couple of weeks ago.  Many resorts now have very few visitors at the moment and are only getting busy at weekends when large numbers of Thai visitors descend on the island.  This month there are three long weekend holidays.  Strange but true . . .statistically, May is the busiest month of the year for Thai visitors to the island.   This means that there’s all the more beach for the people that are here.  It’s a very good time to be on the island, calm seas, hot temperatures and very little rain – surprisingly so.  The forecast keeps predicting downpours but most don’t occur.  However, when they do, you need you take shelter, they are fast and furious.  30 mins or so of torrential rain and often strong winds. Take care if you are on a scooter or out in  a kayak.  But once they pass over the sun comes out again.

Beach Elephant

Down in Salakphet, the mangrove walkway has been renovated and a new section is under construction.  The original walkway lasted about 4 years before it crumbled and became unsafe.  The new one should, in theory, last longer, but doesn’t appear to have been built to a particularly high standard.  So, my advice is to visit while you can.   At low tide you should see quite a lot of crabs and wading birds in the bay.  I saw a large flock of , I presume, herons.  The walkway also has one of my favourite views on the island as it passes through a sea of vibrant green mangroves set against the jungle clad hillside.  To get there, follow the blue signs for the ‘Boardwalk’ from Salakphet temple.

There is a public viewpoint at the south end of Kai Bae but , in my opinion, there are better views to be had from the top of the Sea View Resort ‘lighthouse’.  The top level is accessed by a near vertical ladder, so might not be  for everyone.  But if you do make it up there you will be rewarded with some stunning panoramic views.  Access is via the roadside restaurant – between Kai Bae and Lonely beach – you can’t miss it. Walk into the restaurant  turn right and then behind the bar area, as though you were going to the toilets.  Then you will come to the steps leading up to the tower.   The staff didn’t seem bothered by me wandering in, so you shouldn’t have to buy anything in order to be able to go & take pics.

 Couple more restaurants added to the slowly expanded ‘Koh Chang Restaurant‘ guide.   Been trying quite a few new places recently and there’s a lot of crap being sold here nowadays.

Here’s the big picture. A panoramic view from the top of the Sea View lighthouse.  Click the photo to see a much larger version.



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