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March 31

Dedicated to the Vitamin D deficient  masses in northern Europe – if this update doesn’t fill you full of the joys of spring then I don’t know what will.  ( Other than spring finally arriving. )

After posting the photo of the pollution on White Sand beach last update, it’s good to see that there is still some wildlife left alive in the sea.  Above you’ll see a photo of a Sea Turtle.  These can occasionally be seen by divers in the seas south of Koh Chang but this is the first photo I have ever seen of one off one of Koh Chang’s beaches.  (Pic taken by one of our guests last week.)  In addition, there’s also a quick illustration of the type of weather we’ve been having here recently.  So hot that people are complaining that the sea is too warm.  And with good reason, the sea temperature, in waist deep water, the other day was 34C.

There’s also a type of butterfly that I’d never seen before until it decided to land on me.  But, most interestingly there are the two Pygmy Killer Whales that were found washed ashore in Chek Bae  village in Salakphet Bay.

These were first reported in national newspapers and TV as being two baby Killer Whales, on account of them looking just like baby killer whales, and them having been found trapped in fishermen’s nets.  But after closer inspection by top whale identifying experts they were discovered to be a type of dolphin called a Pygmy Killer Whale and they hadn’t been found in fishermen’s nets – just on a small beach . . . and the nation lost interest.  They are now being cared for in a private aquarium in Salakphet.  There’s a dozen or so people involved in looking after them full time until they can be rehabilitated into the wild. One of the dolphins seems very happy and healthy.  The other has the dolphin equivalent of pneumonia and is a bit under the weather.

Still wondering how nice the weather is here at the moment?  Photos of Koh Chang’s three main beaches –  White Sand, Klong Prao and Kai Bae.  If Jesus was planning on coming back this Easter then he couldn’t pick a better spot that Koh Chang for his resurrection.

And when the sun hasn’t been shining, the moon has got in on the act, with a beautiful glowing full moon this week.  This photo taken of it rising over the hills in the centre of the island around 7.30pm.


Full Moon March 2013


More nature related stuff . . . down in Salakkok the new mangrove viewing platform ‘ The Great Tower of Koh Chang’  has been completed.  Four floors of architectural magnificence and with views of mangroves and not a lot else.   Worth walking up now before it falls into disrepair and becomes a death trap as I’ll bet that the total budget allocated to maintenance is roughly 100% less than the cost of construction.

360 degree panorama of Klong Prao beach.  This is the quietest stretch of beach on the west coast of Koh Chang.  Use your mouse to drag the photo to see the full 360 degree view.

Koh Chang’s ‘Songkran 2’ Thai New Year celebrations will be on 19 – 20 April.  The 19th will be more traditional and on the 20th there will be a parade of floats in the morning and an all out water fight in the afternoon.  Should also be some boat races on the river near us in the klong Prao river estuary.  ( Much better than the regular Songkran celebrations between 13-15 April )

Songkran koh chang


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