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July 15

You may have already guessed from the photos above that this  update of the Koh Chang Guide has very little to do with Koh Chang.  That’s a) because I’ve been on holiday and b) because I’ve been back on KC a couple of days and it’s raining & c) I feel I should change the homepage every couple of weeks or so.  But I should have some more stuff from the island before the end of the month.  In the meantime here are some more holiday photos from a trip to Seoul and Hong Kong.

It’s nice to get away from nature once in a while – the novelty of living somewhere with a virtually deserted beach beach on your doorstep; view of jungle clad mountains; peace and quiet with only birdsong to wake you up in the morning soon gets boring.  So, it was time to go and see civilization. We needed places with an abundance of tower blocks, shopping malls and a reliable subway system to get around.  I’d never been to Seoul and the last visit to Hong Kong was a day trip from Bangkok over  a decade ago for the company I worked for.  ( Handing out certificates to Sony employees.  Smile, shake hands, take photo and go. )  So, with the iPad loaded with out of date – but free – Lonely Planets and Rough guides – off we went.

Animal cafe not on Koh Chang

First up was Seoul, which seemed to be an American city transplanted to Asia.  One of the benefits of it being virtually destroyed 60+ years ago by first during the Japanese occupation and then during the Korean war.  A very walkable city, easy to get around.  Enough to do for 3-4 days and great if you want to pick up skin whitening products and face masks at far lower prices than in Thailand.  Also, barely an Iphone in sight.  To blend in with the locals you need to be carrying a Samsung  with at least a 5″ screen.  Anything less and you receive looks of pity on the subway.

As Seoul was far too organised, clean and sensible it was time to hop over to Hong Kong for some 24 hour crowds and egg tarts.  Plus shopping, and more shopping.  But in between the shopping we did manage to squeeze in a trip to Macau to join the high rollers at The Venetian – where we blew HK$40 on the slots.  Highlights of HK were some  excellent Dim Sum at Michelin starred eateries that cost the equivalent of 400 – 500 Baht for two people and the glass bottomed cable car on Lantau island.


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