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January 8

Koh Chang is now getting back to normal after  a busier than usual New Year.   So time to update the site.

Just before New Year I had a quick trip to Siem Reap, one which was cut short by a friend’s ATV accident.  But on the plus side I got to see the temples again for the first time in over 15 years.  They have changed a lot.  Ta Phrom in particular, this used to be the most famous of the overgrown temples and featured in Tombraider movie.  So now it is known to most package tourists simply as the ‘Tombraider’ temple and it also now resembles a large construction site as the unsightly old trees are being removed and the temple renovated and rebuilt.  My advice is skip it and go to Beng Melea instead if you want to see a still overgrown and ruined temple in all its glory.   If you are planning a trip to Siem Reap from Koh Chang, or vice versa, the info HERE is still accurate.

So my pre-New Year consisted of visiting a couple of hospitals in Bangkok.  Then, having compared hotels in Bangkok online, I spent the night in an airport hotel and then headed back to the border to pick up my car. and then back to Koh Chang.  Then slept through the fireworks on NYE.

Adopt a Dog.  Lisa the Vet in Klong Son has an abondoned puppy that needs a new home.  Meet ‘Annabelle’, possibly not her original name.  Annabelle is a 4 month old puppy at the Koh Chang Animal Project, Klong Son. She was abandoned at the project after a motorbike accident.  At the project she will be fully vaccinated and sterilized. BUT…..Annie needs a permanent loving home! If you yourself or if you know of any one who is able to rehome Annabelle and is a Permanent Thailand Resident, then please call Lisa on: 089-042-2347.  More info on Koh Chang Animal Foundation

12 January – Unfortunately little Annabelle had parvovirus and died yesterday.   However, Lisa has a couple of other strays that are also in need of homes, so if you can help out, please contact her.


Booming Bailan.  If not booming then certainly getting a bit busier.  The hamlet has changed a lot in the past couple of years.  In just the past couple of months Bailan Beach Resort have completed their new hotel block, a small beach bar / chill out place by the sea called Lisca Beach opened late 2012 and a new boutique resort & lounge bar ‘ Lazy Republique’ has just opened.  This is so new that it doesn’t yet have the sign up.  But it is easy to spot – just look for the modern, stylish place directly opposite the entrance to Bailan Beach Resort.  The garden area by the road will, when it opens properly in a week or two, be a laid back garden bar / restaurant and there will also be rooftop seating with sunset views above the main reception area.  At the rear are just four tasteful, concrete AC bungalows which go for around 800 – 1,000 Baht/night.  Nice little place from  French/Thai couple Nathalie and Leong.

Ribs, Fish & a Fireshow.  Don’t need much more than that for a good night out on White Sand Beach.  This was at Bamboo Resort just after New Year.

Unless of course you need a cocktail.  A new cocktail van has now appeared, parked every night near the entrance to Kacha Resort.  Not as cheap as the similar vans in Pattaya but they make stronger cocktails.  Worth a try.  Years ago, I made a site about scuba diving on Koh Chang, no particular reason why – I probably had time on my hands.  This was so long ago, that it was made with Microsoft Frontpage.  I never updated it and for years it just sat there, gathering dust and upsetting dive company owners, as for some reason, Google ranked it at the top of the searches for diving on Koh Chang, above newer, far shinier state of the art dive sites.  Thus disproving everything you’ve ever read about paying for SEO optimisation :-)  The good news is that the site is now under new ownership and will be revamped.  So good luck to  Shaun and Scuba Dawgs Koh Chang for the coming year.

Finally.  Some New Year cuteness.  I saw this baby macaque with it’s Mum near the road by Klong Kloi beach last week.


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